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Screen it and they will come... Hi all, I thought I'd share my experience as one of the many "Dreamers" who grossly underestimated my fellow Iowans' desire to listen to Kevin Costner's band. I pulled onto the gravel road leading to the field at about 7:15. By about 7:30, I realized the police were asking folks to turn around because the event was full. I could see parts of the field through the corn stalks, and it looked jam-packed. I drove to the shuttle lot in Dyersville to see if I could somehow sneak in, but of course that was full as well. Next time I'll put more faith in Kevin's drawing powers. Can't wait to see everyone else's photos.
Wow, thanks for posting this! I had these titles listed as number 1 and 2 in my queue, and it would have sucked to have two copies of the same disk show up later this week.