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I can't bear to watch it, I think I'd get sick.
Aren't these Islamic supremacists the ugliest cusses you'd ever see? Disgusting that this PoS (Faizan Syed) is based in my home town of St. Louis. But then one of the first honor killings that reached public consciousness took place in St. Louis: that of high school student Palestina "Tina" Isa.
Well, what can you expect? Kim Kardashian proved to be more knowledgeable than Chalian about the Armenian genocide.
Matt - Who's pillow talk? Hillary and Huma's :-)
The mainstream enemedia has discredited Michelle Bachmann as batsh*t crazy and will not examine her letters to the IGs and Rep. Ellison (D-ummah). If Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA)had written the letters, they would have had a lot more credibility, but certainly nowhere the publicity Michelle Bachmann's letters have received.
To The Dude and Isabellathecrusader, Do you have more specific information about the location/address of the Merrifield property and the mosque in the old printing shop? In 2004, the FBI raided the Institute for Islamic and Arabic Sciences in America at 8500 Hilltop Road, not far from the Home Depot. The FBI actually tipped off CAIR about the raid, and Nihad Awad was on the scene. Google Maps show 8500 Hilltop Rd as the address for the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (isn't that an oxymoron?)
Rehm herself is of Arab origin, albeit of Christian parents.
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So she's projecting a video at her concert rather than performing?
Charge exorbitant interest.
Wow! Those security guards have nice tushes! Why aren't the mutaween going after them?
Looking for my friend Johanna from Malmo - courageous, pro-Israel, anti-sharia
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Jul 14, 2009
Thomas, You are probably referring to Dar Al Hijrah mosque, which I call the 9/11 mosque. I don't know about Dar Al Hijrah's ties to Jamaat al-Fuqra, but it is closely linked to the Muslim American Society (MAS), the U.S. "face" of the global Muslim Brotherhood.
I sat 5 hours for the hearing on ISA's expansion. I posted my strongest observations on What I saw at last night's Islamic Saudi Academy hearing,
I can understand Obama checking out ass when he's married to the hard-faced, big-butted Michelle, but Sarko, when he's married to Carla Bruni?
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