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Mike Carson
At Northside Drug Rehab, we pride ourselves on offering top-of-the-line recovery care to each client who comes through our doors. No matter what your background or history of substance abuse, we’re here to provide you with impeccable, effective care. How can we be so sure of our efficacy? It’s a combination of extensive experience and our customized addiction recovery treatment schedules. Northside Drug Rehab has a proud history of serving the community. Over the years, we’ve had many hundreds of clients come through our addiction recovery facility. That has given our educated and friendly staff the opportunity to experience a plethora of addiction-related issues firsthand, and that hands-on experience can then be applied to nearly any situation that might arise while a client is staying in our addiction recovery facility. In addition, we provide each of our clients with a customized addiction recovery plan. This means that when you enter Northside Drug Rehab, you’ll be given a plan for treatment that targets the individual areas where you personally need the most help. No matter what your specific needs are, we’ll provide a recovery plan that suits them. We also recognize that recovery doesn’t conclude when you’ve completed care at our addiction recovery facility. For this reason, all of our clients receive a customized aftercare recovery plan, as well. Thanks to the aftercare plan, you can be confident that Northside Drug Rehab will be by your side every step of the way. No matter how dire your situation may seem, we’re here to get you the tools for recovery!
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Apr 7, 2017