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Love the premise. I find it interesting though that every example of changing the anthropological gaze puts it onto women. Every picture is of a woman, a group of women, or a group of mixed genders. The gaze is about othering and it's still too hard I guess to other white American men as primary subjects.
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For Father's Day we decided to try a new restaurant in town. Yelp reviews were all either favorable or said the food is fantastic but the service is slow and awful. Because of the reviews, I was prepared for bad service. Turns out the servers are awesome and very nice but the restaurant has way too few staff people (on the floor and in the kitchen) so the food came out very very slowly and was often wrong. Had I not been expecting it, this could have spoiled my evening. But I didn't mind so much. We will be going back but will change how we order so it works more smoothly (and avoid the dinner rush).
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This happened to one of my paring knives too. Okay, not the floor part. I used it to open a plastic shrinkwrap cover on a jar. A few weeks later, I took that knife and others to be sharpened. Imagine my surprise when the knife store said that it was just an extra $4 to fix the tip. I didn't even know that was possible. You can see the difference but the knife looks fine and is completely usable.
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Oct 25, 2011