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hi kate, it's nev again... when someone tried to hurt his family physically, lived in psychiatric ward for 2 months (accumulate over a year), i do believe his family would leave him... it's me... i isolate myself from this world, no one to talk to... my best pals are nitrazepam, lorazepam and cannabis... i always OD and pray to god that i can end up my screwed up life... i'm reading the suicide note of Mitchell Heisman, and trying to learn how he planned his action so well, so perfect.. merci, ciao, nev
hi kate, this is nev from hong kong. i've suffered bi-polar disorder for 5 years... just keep taking numerous anti-psycho pills everyday... i tried to kill myself 4 times... i did it again few days ago... i'm living with shit, the whole world abandons me, forgets me... my life is... something like eating shit every single minute, one more minute i live, one more minute i eat shit... even my parents, i'm staying in hospital now, three days already... they've never showed up in front of me... my life is just a load of shit! i'll be locked into mental hospital if i lose control again... all i want is to end up my life... i want to end up all pathetic feelings, illusions, desperations i am suffering... i feel no hope totally... i am just a excessive waste in this planet... sorry for my poor english... cheers.
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Oct 17, 2010