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Chris, Ghost Master is one of those games I grew up on. I played it when I was 8 years old and now that I am 23, I still play it. I think a sequel/"spiritual" successor is definitely viable in this day and age. The mid 2000s was a bad time to be in the PC market, even the great Warren Spector sold out to Xbox when he made Deus Ex Invisible War. Now, with Steam and other delivery methods of games on the PC, indie games and what I consider to be AA games (a step below AAA) can thrive. I love the Ghost Master IP, but if Strategy First isn't willing to part with it, then Ghost Commander/ Ghost Overlord will just have to do :). If a sequel/spiritual successor ever ends up happening in any capacity, I will definitely be on-board 1000%. Thanks Chris and Sick Puppies for a truly amazing game. P.S. I f*cking love the soundtrack of the game too. So good.
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Oct 21, 2018