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Demented blogger, book reviewer, chocolate lover, dreamer...
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If only so much of it wasn't true... *sigh* Sad to say those SPCK bookshops, mentioned by Nick Kiddle, have all gone now, destroyed by a couple of Texan cowboys, Mssrs Phil & Mark Brewer: you can read all about it at SPCK/SSG: News, Notes & Info if you're curious...
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Anyone still curious about what it's like working in a Christian bookshop, feel free to drop by the Christian Bookshops Blog: ...
Very thought provoking: thank you. As for me, I guess I'm living in a tent: my theology is open-ended and flexible, my faith is a journey to God only knows where. For me, love is what this whole crazy journey is about and all the doctrines — beliefs about heaven and hell and biblical authority and all the rest of it — are so much flotsam and jetsam on the tide...
Hey, thanks. Matt Wardman has ripped an excerpt of the bookshops part of the interview. Bradley Smith's worth a listen; not os sure about me.
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Cross posted from the UKCBD blog as a test post.
Despite ongoing conversations with the Nationwide Christian Trust, I'm told that this weekend will see another four five of the abandoned branches of Wesley Owen — Chester, Dundee, Inverness, Macclesfield and Walsall — finally cease trading. That leaves branches of CLC in Dundee and Inverness, but no overtly Christian retail presence in the other three towns, and more Christian booksellers unemployed: please continue to pray for all the staff and their families. In Chester, however, things may be less bleak than these pictures of the former SPCK bookshop appear to suggest: Empty shelves in the former SPCK Bookshop, Chester (Photos... Continue reading
Posted Jan 22, 2010 at notbovvered
Scary, huh? What am I going to do with all this blog space? My other blogs are more interesting... Continue reading
Posted Jan 22, 2010 at notbovvered
Well I guess you could say we're going through a refining process here in the UK after we got invaded by the Texas Cowboys aka Phil & Mark Brewer who swept into the former SPCK bookshops in the name of Orthodox Mission and walked away with as much as they could get away with ... then we got globalised by Biblica when they swallowed up STL, destroyed its IT systems and walked away because they'd tied it in so many knots that nobody knew which way up the boxes went anymore let alone which way it was to the warehouse door... So now we're trying to pick up the pieces, and praying that the good Lord will have mercy and that whatever emerges will be nothing whatsoever like you describe... But yes, I've seen 'em too and I'm laughing too coz it's so, so true...
You're right, Ryan: Wesley Owen is a bookshop, not a person. But it's run by people — people whose careers, livelihoods and homes are on the line here. Real people, like you; and kicking them when they're down doesn't help. Of course they're not perfect — I'm not saying that (everyone knows I've given them a hard time a few times myself) — but slagging them off as "rubbish" when they're on the edge of collapse ... well, let's just say it's a tad mean-spirited... And for the record, yes, many of us are just as upset to see Borders going down the pan. I started my bookselling career with Books Etc back before Borders took them over and seeing what's happening to them feels like having a huge chunk of my own life sliced away. Anyone with something constructive to say is very welcome to join the discussions on the UKCBD blog:
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