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Co-Sign this...Ross is as successful as he's ever been. 50's stans seem to think that he has to overtake 50 in terms of albums sold, $$ made, etc. But in this battle and it's aftermath, it only 50 that keeps taking L after L...I didn't mind BISD, and am not a 50 hater either, but it is what it is. Hell, for most hip hoppers, I think Ross even surviving should have been a victory, let alone growing his brand while 50's dwindles. I wouldn't have been mad if DTR got a grammy nod. Wasn't a Ross fan before this beef (another win for RR I guess), but with all the odds stacked against him, the dude did make a great album. Not classic or anything, but one of the Top 5 of the year, IMO. Dude deserves a little credit...
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LOL @ SOHH at the title...then reading Puff's "career" last all of 3 minutes. SOHH - Home of the misleading headline. Puff got his money regardless, so how can you guys hate? Why make it on the street and risk getting caught up, when you can chill with stars and sip champagne and stack paper? Damn, I know which one I would choose. if only Puff would take that money, buy an island and retire from the rap game for good.
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Yo Bulldog, how you gonna say Jay NEVER squashes it with someone who made him look like a sucker....when he did that very thing with the other cat on the SAME track (NAS??) LMAO... Can't rock with this song no more after the "Jesus Can't Save You Line"... That ain't Nicki.... Jim Jones' career is almos done...I wish that Cam would "ether" him for good. Co-Sign MistuhS 100% Peace
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Posted Dec 11, 2009 at Nick Styles's blog
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Dec 11, 2009