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@Melissa: One of my thoughts is to have the students form smallish (4-5 people) law firms, give them a faux petition and schedule, and give each firm a different "backstory" (Firm A used to represent creditor A w/a s/i in X collateral and currently represents creditors B & C and vendor D; Firm B represents two of the debtor's directors in matters unrelated to the bankruptcy, etc.). What'cha think?
I'd love to see them do a mock conflicts check. (No surprise there.)
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Mar 15, 2010
"Mean test" certainly could have been an editorial comment, both in terms of my exam AND in terms of Congress's bankruptcy amendments!
Um, there's a nonfiction dean in Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room. :) &
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I give up. Just go to YouTube, search for "EDS Cat-Herding Commercial," and enjoy.
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Last link didn't work. Trying again:
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For all potential cat-herders, this YouTube video is, of course, required viewing:
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That's a good idea. I tried orienting them w/a lecture on the Code sections that the problems would be covering that day, but apparently some of them want more. I'll mull over your ideas, and I sure appreciate them!
Wow--we could also start a whole post on "nasty, unfair student evals." Of course, I haven't finished grading my other set of finals (I will! I will! Tonight!), so I haven't read the second set of evals yet.
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This afternoon's joy in reading PR exams came when I read that a law firm (named after our cats, Grace & Shadow) could avoid a conflicts problem by establishing an "iron curtain." So that's why the former Soviet Union did it....
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Of course, my all-time favorite one was when I taught the "shaken faith" doctrine in contracts, and one exam writer wrote about the "Shake & Bake" doctrine....
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2009 on Fun while grading.... at The Faculty Lounge
BTW, one of my buddies (Seymour) has this suggestion: Even after 50+ years out of [his school] - advise the newcomers NOT TO TALK DOWN TO THEIR STUDENTS even when called upon and they are unprepared - treat them as equal human beings. I still remember (after 50+ years) 2 of my professors [names snipped] who "talked down" to 1st year students. (I doubt if I remember all the names of my other professors.) I agree. At some point, if you're too aggressive, students stop listening and therefore stop learning.
Thanks, all y'all, for your comments! Vladimir, I think that some schools are less focused on teaching than others, and there's something really rewarding about making those connections with students, even in the first year. I'm friends w/several former students, and I even IM'd with a former student last night. (Hey, beats grading!) The fact is that there's only a limited amount of time, and EVERYTHING takes longer for a newbie academic, just as everything takes longer for a newbie lawyer. As with any other environment, find out what's valued, and focus on that first. PRIORITIZE. And don't forget to save a little time for yourself.
Thanks, y'all! After I grade another tranch (!) of bankruptcy exams, I'll start posting. Any suggestions?