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It's fantastic to see feedback from an experienced document controller of "collaboration" systems. Re: folder structures and whether they should be used or not - I and my colleagues at Asite tend to agree with your view that less (or no) folders is better - and that a standard numbering system (whether BS1192 or A.N. Other) which gets enforced by the system is the best way forward. If we had our way with the way all the time then project information would be organised this way across every project in the industry! Your observation about project archives not containing all the project data for QA concerns me - as Asite Project Archives DO contain all the project data (including markups/redlines, comments, all communications, and all the project audit trail data). I'd be grateful to have the opportunity to spend some time with you and dig further into this (and while we're at it get some more detailed feedback on your use of Asite that can be fed into our platform going forward!). You can contact me directly via Twitter @nrdoughty / email: nathan AT asite DOT com or feel free to post your input on the product development area of our forums at - and we can continue to engage in the 'collaborative' eye of the net. Kind Regards, Nathan Doughty
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Feb 21, 2011