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Are we serious here? Celtic bench players make more than 11k per game. KG makes that in a few minutes.....yet all the team could raise was $11,000 for this dude? Ya, real saintly. That's the equivalent of a common man giving the guy two dollars.
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Actually, does it go down to 12 for the playoffs?!?!
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What do you mean, doesn't make the playoff roster? The playoff roster is the same size as the regular season roster, 15.
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Too bad Ainge didn't call Ms. Cleo to find out this move was happening. Had he done so, Boston wouldn't have gone after Green - and Perk would still be a Celtic. Oops.
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I absolutely realize that - my post was intended to be more of a blanket statement. Regardless, likening this whole thing to losing a family member - is sort of melodramatic. KG is being paid $19 million to play basketball - leave the sentimental stuff up to the fans. If KG and the Big 3 are as great as we give them credit for, their leadership will make things work. I hate to think the success of the Big 3 has always hinged on a low-post banger like Perk.
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We get it - you're upset they lost Perkins - when push comes to shove, do you think he would have signed in Boston for a bargain? The fact is, Boston lost out when they couldn't get Ronnie Brewer or Matt Barnes this offseason. I agree Quis is a large part of the reason Perkins is gone, but let's see what Perkins does in OKC, before we can say this is an awful trade. Perk played good D - but has a poor offensive game outside the paint. In an ideal world, Boston signs Brewer or Barnes in the offseason, but that's not Ainge's fault. Regardless, it's time to move on. Kendrick Perkins will be okay. This whole - I felt like a family member died thing, is a bit overkill.
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Feb 25, 2011