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My Mom has all three of the "Dragon Tattoo" trilogy. I'm a lazy and undisciplined reader, so I skipped around in the first book. The reason I read just the first few chapters of the second book without continuing, though, was out of disgust at the part where Salander lives out a "White Savior Lady" fantasy with a teenage boy -- where she fucks him and helps him with his homework. Wasn't there also something about her new fake tits giving her more confidence*, too? I also agree that Salander is a Mary Sue (Blomkvist too, I think), and I think Larsson has a lot of weird creepy issues with women in general. There's a lot of hype backlash for these books but in this case I think it's deserved. I hate how much credit Larsson's getting for being a beacon of progressive thought or some such horseshit. * I don't have a problem with fake bewbs as an idea, because if a woman wants to get them done that's her business... but the pressure on women to get them done is something I definitely have a problem with, and a supposedly pro-woman author promoting fake titties as a step on the road to perfection for women is really fucked up.
It's weird that there's been so much discussion of cultural appropriation, but no one has commented on this post yet. Obviously you put a lot of thought and energy into it, and made well-reasoned points using your own words, whereas I've seen some posts by people who were just parroting what had already been said and they got tons of positive feedback. Unfair. Anyway, this is a great post and deserves more attention. Is it okay if I link to it? I'm almost positive no one reads my blog, but it's possible someone might stumble across it. If you want, I could recommend this post to people who compiled cultural appropriation discussion link roundups (better than my blog because people do read those).
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Jul 9, 2010