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Wow. What a steaming pile... Joe, the 'one hand clapping', 'snatch this pebble from my hand' phraseology is high handed and overblown. It obfuscates your argument and I don't believe that is accidental... Maria and Karen-Ann: dial back the caffiene. The point that Joe is trying to make, while setting himself up as a superior thinker, is that you cannot have an argument with only one side. You *are* the opposite side to their argument. This is an entirely seperate issue from the rightness or the wrongness of the argument. Your view is that there can only be to sides to the issue of abortion, so when Joe did not *explicitly* support *your* side, you immediately assumed that he *must* be against you. The most appalling thing, to me, is that he was not expressing an opinion about abortion, pro or con, but was speaking about the method of discourse and the failures that arise when one imposes a black/white, left/right, choice/life framework on the complexities of reality. You chose to be insulting, the sure sign of someone who has no thoughtful argument to offer, to someone who was not even discussing the issue about which you chose to vent. Allow me to offer you an easier target, if you have managed to read this far into my post, rather than skimming it, as so many do today. I am, as are all human beings, inclined to make generalizations about the world around me. They help us filter the incoming cacophony of information into usable chunks, making the task of navigating life much easier. But, they are only useful if we are willing to adjust them to fit new circumstances. Once they have ossified they may be called stereotypes and they, too often, do more harm than good. My generalization for this discussion, drawn from my own real life experience, and bolstered by my dealings with the 'fairer sex', with very few exceptions, is that women have a much more difficult time seperating the person from the argument, the personal from the thoughtful. Women who encounter resisitance to any of their strongly held belliefs are more likely to deem the person expressing the opposition as a universally 'bad' person, and are more likely to condemn them out of hand, whether they know anything more about that person than that one idea or not. Fire away!
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2008 on Shock at 53 Beers On Tap