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I think it is about the ingrained prejudice of us about "a girl's abilities as a human". Today, a toy producer's toy subject for a girl directly comes to mind by what he(yes, boss is usually a man!) has seen in the market. The common idea in the society is "to underestimate" the skills of a girl/woman about making a difference, having a managing strategy and sharing the power of a man in life. The biggest expectation of a female is to give a birth to a male who has the potantial to make a difference and share the duty of managing the world. So that girls play with prepared toys that are not familiar with constructing, struggling, etc... the opposite of is not expected from girls. The lack of gender equality in many countries is the reason of that. Despite of this, if a few girls in the big percantage wish to play with toys for boys, that may be wellcomed by her parents as an individual effort of that girl who is willing to discover "what more she can do" and what more she can learn can be an additional value to her skill of fertility (for new generations) as a potential woman. Well, she may be assisted by her mother as an out-of-box girl, especially by a mother who is willing to see what her daughter can do more. However, if a boy wants to experience a girlish toy, it is not commonly wellcomed by the society as you claim. In my opinion, a potential woman sometimes can be busy with toys of boys(she will give a birth to a boy in future, it is a good experience for her), but the scenery of a boy does not include being fecund, and i think a boy playing with girlish toys make people limit him just to avoid from the idea of "man&fertility scenario". Well, woman has permission both to be fecund and manager, but man only has ability to manage, not to be fecund.
Toggle Commented Aug 22, 2012 on Sissies, Tomboys and Toys at Global Toy News
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Aug 22, 2012