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I agree with you completely. Schools should be offering choices and educating students on what is a good or bad choice. I also believe that every public school that uses our taxpayer money should be teaching classes in proper nutrition. It is a lot cheaper to pay for it now than paying for it later and the children will not be going through the pain and agony that being overweight or obese will eventually cause.
While osteoarthritis is a condition that can have a profound effect on a persons quality of life there are ways to treat it. Each case though is patient specific. What works well on one person may or may not work on another. It is a matter of trial error to see what works best for you.
We should all strive to get out more. Along with the obvious benefits of exercise you will be increasing your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D deficiency is a major health problem in this country and others. This deficiency has been liked to such conditions as obesity and the rise in cases of rickets in our children.
We have recently had a family member diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and eating a healthy breakfast high in fiber has gone a long way to controlling her blood sugar levels. She was advised to stay away from white bread all together.
While diet food services have a place in our society they should not be used as a excuse not to try to understand what makes up a heakthy and nutritious diet. is now following The Typepad Team
Jan 11, 2011