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Jim Donovan
USA, Florida, Sarasota 15 Paradise Plaza #171
"NuTru™ = Truth in Nutraceuticals. We are the best vegan supplements supplier, providing over 25 years of high-quality formulations for brain and heart health, as well as stress relief and natural relaxation. We have developed an all-natural, algae-derived vitamin E to help vegans maximize the body's potential when processing omega-3 DHA + EPA. NuTru™ believes that every effort should be made to preserve the earth's sustainable resources and to not further reduce the already rapidly decreasing fish population. Our original product, O-Mega-Zen3® is made from a marine plant source and does not use fish or fish oil as an omega-3 material. Due to the popularity of O-Mega-Zen3®, we have expanded our fish-free product line to include: O-Mega-Zen3® + EPA in both softgel and liquid forms. Other products NuTru™ has developed are E-Toca-Chi2®, P-Tidyl-Wei1®, and Sa-To-Ri7®. Many of our customers have found that taking O-Mega-Zen3® with E-Toca-Chi2® and P-Tidyl-Wei1® all together greatly enhances the health benefits and effects than if each product were taken separately. This tri-pack is sold as the Vegan Brain Pak®. Sa-To-Ri7® VEG OUT® is a liquid supplement that promotes calmness, serenity, and relaxation with no hangover side effects and with no unnecessary herbal plant extracts. All of our products were developed in tandem to allow maximum health benefits while at the same time being safe for daily consumption as defined by the FDA standard, GRAS, Generally Regarded as Safe. NuTru™ is also committed to energy conservation, recycling and lowering patterns of consumption so as to reduce damage to the environment and cut energy usage. Our use of Lingual-Twist® packaging means the consumer gets 75% more information as compared to a bottle of the same size. This also saves shelf space for the retailer and saves on packaging materials which model our philosophy of sustainability and conservation."
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Nov 12, 2016