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North Carolina
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Mary Wallace, the Co-Founder of PeopleTowels, thinks one of the best ways to plant the seeds of sustainability and a lasting good habit with a younger generation is their new Indiegogo project: Kids 4 the Planet. PeopleTowels is introducing kids... Continue reading
Here's a link to our original Product Review (May, 2010) of the Tow-N-Stow: "Product Review: Tow-N-Stow™ - Ready, Willing, and Able"
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For an update on this product's performance, please follow this link in our blog: "Update for Tow-N-Stow: Arnie Wolfe, CEO of DCN, responds to customer and dealer complaints"
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Our official comment: I, Arnie Wolfe, CEO of DCN, am the inventor and lead designer for the project Tow-N-Stow. I am extremely sorry for the lack of action taken by our former product licensee who is responsible for producing our... Continue reading
This is a bookmark post of sorts. I have a couple of new products that have been under evaluation that I plan to get into this blog as product reviews. The first two out of the chute will be a... Continue reading
For a more recent Post on Everett Tree Service, follow the link below to this story: "STIHL knows chain saws. Everett knows trees. – The question is who runs faster?"
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“We live in a civilization with an ever-increasing hunger for energy and its fixation on fossil fuels to provide that energy is in the process of imploding on itself as our population grows and its demographics change. Yet we live... Continue reading
While reading a recent issue of Popular Science, I was intrigued by the article “The Santa Cruz Experiment: Can a City's Crime Be Predicted and Prevented?” (October, 2011). It’s fascinating and appears to hold great potential. However, what triggered a... Continue reading
For a short time, the following related Online Poll will be open for voting: "NvestNtech Online Poll - When it comes to high-performing salespeople, what helps them deliver better results?" Access the Online Poll here:
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That’s what I asked myself when I was offered a copy of the book for review. Since I lean more toward the systematic selling style, and profess that a disciplined process is needed for an accelerated sales cycle, I initially... Continue reading
I recently read about Apple’s Thunderbolt. Not knowing much about it, I did some poking around on their Web site. I can’t say I am any further ahead in seeing the demand and use in the marketplace, or everyday computing... Continue reading
There are few sounds in an otherwise quiet neighborhood that seem as recognizable as a chain saw. No matter how far away, I can usually pick up on the variable pitch in RPMs as well as when the saw begins... Continue reading
Volunteers are an integral part for the success of most nonprofits. These well-intended resources can help span the numerous staffing gaps that might otherwise exist without their help. If it were not for their willingness to work, the average nonprofit... Continue reading
When I composed the original blog Post “For would-be inventors, or aspiring entrepreneurs – Five things worth thinking about before you begin “, I was struck by the notion of how difficult and unforgiving the market can be to an... Continue reading
They are a high-spirited and independent bunch; equally so, they all get along and the camaraderie is deafening. This group of seasoned salespeople will go about their business with a low-key approach, but a competitive spirit that is second to... Continue reading
In our work, we are becoming increasingly interested in using a (online/device centric) ‘gaming’ approach for learning disease awareness, education, and management. On its simplest level, “Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing” has proven that to be true in skill sets, i.e., learning something new that you can put into immediate practice. Although often associated with young children and adolescents, AAA (auto club) has found that using games for older (senior) drivers can produce assessments and teach skills, too. Taking this approach one step further, we are looking into how you could use character (avatar) based alert systems on smartphones, e.g., facial expression or color could alert patient to condition, or medication reminder, without intervention or calling attention to the disease (may be useful for chronic conditions in adolescents, not wanting to call attention to themselves). Barbara, as you can imagine, I think this would overcome language or understanding barriers by presenting information in a more graphical, visual way. Interaction (and reward) becomes a plus. To your point on "small bites", I think this would allow a gradual approach, but be able to react (and inform) in a more sophisticated or complex way, i.e., alert to patient condition.
Strengths Based Selling: Based on Decades of Gallup's Research into High-Performing Salespeople by Tony Rutigliano and Brian Brim “The book includes action items and real-life examples that illustrate how using strengths produces high-impact sales results.” “Top salespeople from Microsoft, Pfizer,... Continue reading
I believe the success to mobile remote patient intervention, such as the example presented here, be that monitoring, tracking, or education, lies not in the learning cycle, as much as what the platform can do for the patient. The ideal scenario in my mind works much like real-time traffic on a portable GPS – the device guides, tracks, informs, and provides important alerts. In the example condition like asthma, this could be environmental data, e.g., air quality, climate, etc., from external sources that triggers an alert to the patient of the rise in conditions that may lead to increased risk (for them). Also, data capture from the patient in a two-way communication could lead to better predictive outcomes for the patient, and the community-at-large.
I pushed up an Online Poll today for you to vote on patent filing (with legislation changes) that could impact inventors and small businesses. To read about it and cast a vote, see this Post: "Online Poll -- Who deserves first (place) for a patent, invent (idea) or file"
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Recently I have been looking closer at what holds inventors and entrepreneurs back from an early success with their idea or innovation. It doesn’t take long before the discussion turns to filing a patent. In some ways, I see an... Continue reading
As suggested in this original Post, there is now a vibrant blog associated with the studio:
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As a volunteer with a nonprofit, I have been helping program participants define and carry-out “S.M.A.R.T. goals”; individually, the letters stand for: “Specific, Measurable, Attainable (or achievable), Realistic and Timely”. To help you understand the concept, here is a link... Continue reading
Danny Rosin is a very outgoing and sociable kind of guy. For those familiar with Band Together, whose “mission is to raise funds and awareness for select charities through events that showcase and support musical talent.”, you are likely to... Continue reading
As promised, here’s a follow-up piece on three young professionals that were featured in individual stories last year, with a twist of “Where are they now?” Since they know each other well, I asked them to come out one evening... Continue reading
I have been away for awhile. My writing time has been elsewhere the last couple of months – some of it was hit by writer’s block, as I ventured into some new territory writing a three-part series for a regional... Continue reading