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"Honda uses Blue Energy batteries ( a JV between Honda and GS Yuasa). The Blue Energy EHW5 battery cell has a 78.6 Wh/kg Energy Density which is not close to the Chevy Volt Battery Pack Energy Density of 101 Wh/kg)." Contrary to what's said, according to Japanese web site, Honda uses Panasonic battery in Clarity PHEV BEV.
Honda CR-V now has higher mpg than Mazda CX-5 2.0L auto 15 CR-V FWD 27 /34 city /hwy AWD 26 /33 15 CX-5 2.0 auto FWD 26 /32 AWD 25 /31 Job well done Honda!
I don't understand why everyone believes carbon emission of 129g/km under Euro testing would be equivalent to 42mpg under EPA. Check the carbon emission of BMW's 3 hybrid and 5 hybrid under Euro testing - I guess the EPA rating for this Q80 wouldn't be far above 30mpg(U.S.).
Don't put blind faith on those published F.E. figures, they are pretty much meaningless, especially when some automakers choose to "game" the test: Exhibit A: Hyundai was forced to revised downward it's published EPA mileages; Hyundai suffered another black eye when the F.E. for the 2015 Sonata was found inflated in S. Korea. Ford Motor also have to reduce its over-optimistic fuel rating for its C-Max hybrid in the U.S. Over in Europe, BBC reported that automakers "manipulated" emission/F.E. test: 'Slick tyres are pumped hard to reduce rolling resistance. Brakes are adjusted, or at times even disconnected, to reduce friction. Cracks between body panels and windows are taped up to reduce air resistance. Sometimes they even remove the wing mirrors. For carmakers, preparing for compulsory fuel efficiency and emissions tests has become a race in its own right, as they set out to make themselves look as clean and as frugal as possible. "It's lots and lots of small tweaks," according to Greg Archer, clean vehicles manager with pressure group Transport & Environment. "And they all add up." '
" Tier 2 Bin 2 requirements are only slightly less stringent than the CARB LEVIII-SULEV20 requirements" Really? Is this serious??? AFAIK, to come up with an affordable solution meeting the CARB LEV III- SULEV 20 requirement is a serious challenge to many engineers.
1. The time for debuting the Mazda6 diesel was the second half of 2013. As reported here by USA Today in Sept 2013, the introduction of Mazda6 diesel was delayed to late spring of 2014. [] 2. May be Mazda will realize, like some other Japanese automakers, that it is almost impossible to meet the demand of U.S. emission requirement without urea treatment or other catalyst.
@Nick, In the first graphic, there is an analysis of using the BEV in both the UK and France.
Bloomberg: 'Ford’s hybrids were “absolutely developed and calibrated to provide a strong EPA number' In other words, Ford hybrids won't perform as good in Real life. Ouch.
A five-speed manual transmission .... with "up to 34 mpg highway" Isn't the standard of a "Green" car a bit... watered down???
1) The Honda Fit EV lease includes collision coverage throw in by Honda. Neither Nissan Leaf nor regular Honda Fit include that. 2) It's said that leasees of Honda Fit EV are entitled to the $2,500 California rebate. Of course, it won't be available to regular Honda Fit leasees.
Furthermore, it seems the leasees of Fit EVs are entitled to the $2,500 California rebate, which does not look like pocket change to me.
It actually looks like the Honda Fit EV is $20 - $30 less per month than a Volt to me (considering the collision coverage throw-in by Honda), NOT more.
Just to put it in perspective [and why GM's spin doctor tried to hide the 'figures' from the public]: "From January to May 2012, around 2,300 Opel/Vauxhall Amperas have been registered in total Europe... there were in Jan-Mar 982, in April 499 and in May 803 registered Amperas.”
@kelly: My bet is the Fit EV will have FMC by 2014. Thus Honda is testing the market and sees what 'actual' customers want, and incorporates them into the next generation BEV.
I beg to ask: Where does the hydrogen for this "hydrogen rotary engine EV range extender" come from??? It's always a matter of chicken and egg...
Unfortunately, it is rumored that it is killed by Audi, fearing low market acceptance and high cost. And GCC missed this.
Unfortunately, it is rumored that it is killed by Audi, fearing low market acceptance. And GCC missed this.
According to TTAC: Registered vehicles (non kei car) sales in May 2012 Toyota 113,891 (incl. Lexus) Honda 31,576 Total vehicles sales (incl. kei car) Toyota 117,387 (incl. kei car) Honda 57,923 Hybrid car sales estimated: Toyota 54k Honda 14.5k Percentage of hybrid sales in registered vehicles: Toyota 46% Honda 46% Note: There are no hybrids in kei car, AFAIK.
Didn't Toyota just raise the prices of 2012 Camry?
"Honda's top selling subcompact car as an EV with Focus Electric room, MINI E performance, Tesla Roadster efficiency, Coda range, LEAF price. The bar rises. You kind of have to pay attention."
@DaveR: Such conspiracy theory.... Isn't this the 'official' EPA rating, just like those for the LEAF?
Acording to Bloomberg news, automakers in China "disclose the number of vehicles sold to Chinese dealers -- instead of consumers", furthermore, it reported that inventory at dealers is piling up!
@Davemart: It depends on how large the BEV market will be in the next couple of years. We have already seen that GM over-estimated sales potential of Volt. We'll see how many Leafs are selling next year when production is transferred to N. Am. According to the USA Today: Explaining the limited availability, Honda says the Fit EV is aimed to perfect the components and that it is a forerunner, says Honda spokeswoman Angie Nucci, of "our mass production EV in a few short years." Says Nucci: "When Honda sells a vehicle, we need to assure its use and utility no matter where a customer might take the vehicle. All EVs have limitations and we want to make sure we understand how our customers address those limitations."
"In 2011, Ford sold a record 121,000 vehicles equipped with 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engines when F-150 began offering an EcoBoost option. " I think Ford said ecobosst V6 F-150 are selling as well as those V-8???
Well, which would you believe? The U. S. gov't or Wikipedia? According to CIA The World factbook: "The US has the largest and most technologically powerful economy in the world, with a per capita GDP of $48,100 ..."