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As someone who as three co-authored papers coming out this year (2 with one co-author, the 3rd with a second), after a huge lull of no publication brought on by new parenthood followed by taking up the position of department chair, let me just say hear hear. The papers we have written are better than what we could have written alone, and the experience of writing them far more philosophically interesting. I will be loathe to write solo going forward I expect.
Men can in principle lactate -- the obstacle to male breastfeeding is not the functionality of the nipple and surrounding tissue but the presence of the right hormones. So nipples would fall into the same category as orgasms. Lloyd's remark strikes me as inconclusive with respect to her views -- saying that nipples are not an adaption in men could be a (perhaps ill-advised) way of saying that they are generally non-functional in men, which is compatible with them being an adaption tout court as you describe it.
I was so taken by this I logged into twitter in order to say "Like!"
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