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Everyone should read tutmose's comments on Wednesday, 10 January 2007 at 06:56 PM The trend i continue to see is "us" bashing at each other and name calling on this website, how is that going to solve cameroon's problems? First i challenge you all to discuss and respect the fact that others will have different opinions. If we start with this, the rest of the puzzle with fall in place. RESPECT RESPECT. Many people tell me that "africans are respectful" Oh no! I think our lack of respect is the source of our problems. If we respected our brothers and sisters we would have never sold them into slavery; just looking in the past. I can cite many instances where if we had respect for one another, our decisions would have been different. If Ahmadou Ali had respect for the constitution he wouldn't have said what he did. So his fate by my standards is that he he doesn't believe in the constitution and should step down, or be fired. Period. Again if the regime officials have respect for the old, youth, disabled, working class, they would distribute the nations wealth evenly. I don't see this as a complicated process. IF the MP's have respect for the population they will enact laws, make changes necessary to better our society. Police officers beat up without investigation, take bribes, but fail to realize they or their immediate families could be potential victims of such actions also. Just to name a few Anyone can do what this regime elements, oligarchs, police, tribalist (call them whatever you want) are doing. I just wrote a paper about how an EFFECTIVE QUALITY assurance program can reduce human error. I learned that human error doesn't arise solely on their making but due to latent inherent factors in the system which would trigger errors that can be catastrophic without intervention at that systemic level. This theory is the Pyramid theory. Look it up guys. human error is equivalent to the narrow tip of the pyramid, but the broad base of the pyramid represents the latent factors that we ignore and stay there for a longtime. Any measures targeting human error will not solve the latent issues because the system is not designed to remove those latent factors. people like paul biya, ALi, Fru Ndi, Nlends, Musonge, and the regulars function at the top and their mistakes are truly catastrophic and so easily visible but the fact remains that the problem lies within the structure of the system in cameroon. The system can be summed again as RESPECT. This should be strategy in 2007 for all Cameroonians. not fighting to rule, if our system is latent factors free, no one at the top can change it believe me I think you all get the point I will leave it here but i'll be open to expand some more. One Who Loves His Country