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Ok. So Monica sees it, and says it out loud. I see it, and say it out loud. Most of the conservative commentors on blogs see it, and say it out loud. But the Repukes, who expect our votes, either do not see it, or are too scared/ PC, to say it out loud? Liberal jackasses like Pelosi, Reid, Obama, et al, simply make up stuff or lie about stuff each and every day. But the Repukes can't even speak the truth about what Barry is actually doing to the country he truly hates? Two sides of the same coin...
But Monica, didn't our glorious, er shameless, SOS Hillary issue the extremely strongly worded: "We don't THINK the charges are valid, and we HOPE they are released"? Shudder! Just hearing her response has me hiding under the bed! What. A Loser.
Toggle Commented Jun 8, 2009 on Advantage: Axis of Evil at Monica Crowley
Anyone out there still not convinced Barry is a Muslim? It is amazing how people refuse to take what they are given at face value. Liberals are always digging for nuance, but Conservatives need to start seeing things clearly before a nuke glides into Miami, NY, or LA.
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2009 on America's Un-Exceptionalism at Monica Crowley