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Chuck Nyren
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Good points. Nods to all the intelligent comments. This is a third tier Superbowl spot, silly and stupid. Nothing wrong with silly and stupid, but nowadays they are the rule, not the exception. Silly and stupid used to work when unexpected and jarring. Now everybody waits to see if the next spot is sillier and stupider than the preceding one. The spots that stand out today are witty and serious – or at least with serious subtext, such as the Chrysler/Detroit spots over the last few years. Witty might be the Volkswagen/Darth Vader spot – although my take was that it wasn’t completely convincing. A seven-year old nowadays would probably have to teach his/her parents about computer-enhanced keys – and certainly whatever other high-tech doodads are integral parts of the dashboard. It’s reverse-ageism. For better or worse, kids aren’t stupid and amazed by much anymore. Taco Bell. Forget the older folks acting silly and stupid, and look at it this way: Taco Bell is a chain of inexpensive drive-thru and sit-down restaurants. Its four selling points beyond the price: Fast, reliable, family-friendly, clean. Fifty years ago few people thought a Mexican restaurant chain could be positioned as clean, reliable, or with any sort of publicly perceived quality control – outside of Southern California. They were wrong. The takeaway from this spot: The customers who frequent Taco Bell are filthy degenerates who eat, slobber and spill food and wrappers all over the parking lot, and wouldn’t think twice about leaning on or spilling food on your car. It’s a dingy, dirty hangout. Police keep a watchful eye on the place. The biggest advertising sin: This spot will not sell even one taco.
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Feb 1, 2013