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Hey, congrats! Last time a big company bought my startup, I lasted eighteen months, too. I'll have to catch up with you soon. For now, I'm enjoying my new gig at a big company so far...
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2009 on Moving on at So
I'm not sure I understand this point exactly: "Google says it will open-source a "lion's share" of Wave's code...Why do I think this matters? Think iPhone. How much less cool would it be if there weren't all those independently developed downloadable toys" The iPhone isn't open-sourced; Apple is a notoriously closed-source company. The iPhone does have a public API, and that's what encouraged people to write to it (plus it's such a cool device). SharePoint also has a public API, and is also closed-source (and also has many third party developers creating products built on top of it). So you don't need to be an open-source platform to encourage developers. To me, the interesting thing about open-sourcing it is that, as pointed out in your quote from The Register, people will be be able to embed their own Waves in their own software. That's a radical departure for Google; previously, all of their tools encouraged you to put all of your data on their servers. Little surprise there, of course--that's how they make a bunch of their money. I'm excited to see how this plays out, and why Google decided to go such a different route with Waves.