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The conservative health care market would be completely deregulated. Insurers could charge whatever they want, and turn away anybody they want. Any disagreements about whether they should have paid for something would be settled in court, with multiple high-powered attorneys on the insurer's side and probably quite a bit less firepower on the other. Insurers would also never use their monopoly/monopsony position to extract rent from either subscribers or providers. Anybody who was denied insurance and couldn't pay for care out of pocket would go to a charitable hospital. Those would be well financed from private donations and would provide excellent care. They would never place religiously based limitations on who they accept or what care they provide, so they'd still be tax exempt (and donors would get an exemption too). It's all a complete fiction, of course, but that's what the hypothetical conservative plan would look like. I can describe what a unicorn looks like too, even though they don't exist either.
Toggle Commented Oct 24, 2013 on A "Conservative" Healthcare Market at Obsidian Wings
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I contend that both GlusterFS and Ceph (and maybe a few others) do qualify as software defined storage. Policy like "do I replicate this object" is indeed decoupled from the hardware in these systems, and works across vendors, so I think they fit your definition. (Disclaimer: I'm a GlusterFS developer.) When the phrase "software defined storage" first occurred to me, I thought it seemed like a really cool hook for us to use. Then I saw that others were picking it up and, in a rare moment of hipsterism, abandoned it as hackneyed before it even became popular. I also slightly disagree that your assertion that people will rush to leverage HDFS. If they do, they'll run up against its limitations and run away again just as fast. Many, including EMC's own Greenplum[1], have articulated a different vision of federating storage that already exists instead of migrating onto storage that's unsuited to any task but one, and I think they have it right[2]. [1] [2]
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...and there, buried below dozens of trolls, is a single well intentioned opinion. Fixed that for you. Welcome to the internet.
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Chris J pretty much made the same point I was going to. It's absolutely heinous that we tax labor more than (financial) capital. In a world that was either just *or* efficient, the most directly wealth-creating activity - production and innovation, not arbitrage - would be the most lightly taxed.
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2010 on capital at Obsidian Wings
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Michael Pollan's _Omnivore's Dilemma_ covered this exact same material in considerable depth a few years back. That book was pretty much his ticket to fame, and he has gone on to be the go-to guy on how bad our national eating habits are, but I actually found his earlier _Botany of Desire_ more interesting than anything since.
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2010 on the american grain at Obsidian Wings
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The other fun part about all this is how a bunch of people who claim to believe *very strongly* in private property rights seem willing to suspend that belief entirely in the name of protecting "hallowed ground" (a term they've actually been using). If that land were officially part of a national memorial, then such control over its private use might be appropriate. They never pushed for that, probably because it would imply limiting private commercial use as well and the only thing more sacred to them than 9/11 victimhood is the interests of business. Alternatively, they could have bought the land first themselves, but they never thought of that either. Having failed to pursue either course, those folks have no right whatsoever to deny *any* group the right to do what they wish with their lawfully acquired property.
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