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(well, I guess I just did blame one part of the spectrum...OK, I apologize for that, but the blame should be rightly spread around. No one group is sacrosanct and no one group is evil)
And if you let regulators (pushed by power happy Californian senators) set the standards, you end up with cars that need marginally less gas than before but no regular consumer could afford. Now, if that extra cost went to the domestic manufacturers rather than the not-so-friendly oil-rich countries, so be it. But the Walmart model dictates that in order to bring costs back down, production moves to a place where we've already sent too much money and too many jobs. If heavy duty and industrial engine and vehicle manufacturers are forced by these same regulators to produce products that must meet impractical, then you will either have shippers continue on with older, more polluting vehicles, or buying new and pass on the cost to consumers. Either way, there will be a price to pay. Either in technology or in health/security. It's really up to the public (not 5% of their elected officials) to decide how they want to pay the costs. Maybe those elected officials should spend more time educating and less time dictating. (as a footnote, I support increasing efficiency across the board, but I don't support (incorrectly) blaming one small part of the spectrum)
You both could not be more incorrect or misinformed. Cummins was a driving force for responsible regulation for decades. They admitted (in the 1960s) that their products we part of the nation's air pollution problems and vowed (through helping the EPA draft regulations) to improve. That's what has led to its success...being able to meet emissions regulations while also meeting their customer's expectations. Read your history, don't just assume. The same assumptions have led people to deride the American auto manufacturers as "holding back progress," when in fact it is the consuming public that has not demanded (until, recently, and begrudgingly) progress on these fronts...
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Sep 23, 2010