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Thank you so much, Jimbo, for your straight-up blog site where you give us your raw, from the gut, reports about the murderous attacks and plots of the jihadists on the war front and their libtard supporters here, and about the ongoing victories over these devils by our warriors on the battle ground and by our patriots at home. Hour by hour, the islamo- and liberal-fascist are losing; their total demise will come. I was so glad to hear Marcus Luttrell speak in the video you provided. I was powerfully moved by Marcus' recounting in his book "Lone Survivor" of his tremendous desire and effort to become a SEAL, and his unbelievable struggle to survive the Taliban in Afghanistan. What he and all the SEALs have accomplished is breathtaking. And yet they are so humble. Thank God for blessing America with patriots of SEAL caliber in all the services throughout our history, or we'd be lost!
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