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Well, there's this: A Bandcamp music discovery for long tailed music hunters! So, are you into shoe gaze from NY bands?,new+york Folky alternative Spanish bands?,folk,spain Do you miss the psychedelia from the 60s,psychedelic Or do you like PJ Harvey? Enjoy!
Toggle Commented Jan 8, 2013 on Discovering New Music Via Bandcamp at hypebot
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Yes, the simplest thing is what Jesper mentions: contact with any of your European acquaintances (well, from one of the 7 countries Spotify works) to login every now an then. If I reckon, you have to actually login in the Desktop App. I mean, I tried to connect (ssh) to a Spanish server, and from there login to, but it didn't work... Another option is to "share" an account, using the time difference (e.g.: sleeping in Europe vs. awake in the, say, US West Coast :-) ). Even another option is to use Spotify Unlimited. That's the one I use. I live in Mexico, but travel often to Spain. Whilst I was there, I created an account. Since then, for 4.99eu/month I can use Spotify all the time, without bugging my friends. Most of these options are easier than dealing with a tedious UK proxy server, that -as mentioned- will work only till Spotify notices this worldwide accesses.
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Here's some scientific evidence to show that computers cannot predict hits (mainly using audio content-based analysis) - Paul's blog post: - The PDF, for those *really* interested in the details: Cheers!
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