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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The only non-profit, fully accredited homeopathic school in Ontario.
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OCHM Annual Open House Please join us for an informative evening Spring of Homeopathy On Thursday April 24, 2014 6:00 – 8:00pm Find out about our programs, courses & teaching clinic. Meet our staff, faculty, alumni & students. 344 Dupont Street, 2nd floor Classroom Wine & Refreshments provided. To register: - email [email protected] or - call 416-535-5995 Continue reading
The number 13 is the lucky one for the 2013 graduating class of Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine. The ceremony took place on June 27rd, 2013 at the Charbonnel Lounge of the University of Toronto. Faculty, administration, families and friends joined 21 proud graduates for the convocation ceremony and reception. OCHM staff wishes its graduates success in their practice and fulfilment of their aspirations in this noble profession: Alysha Andersen Michelle Lorainne Berentschot Susan Rosa Bita Krisztina Csőzik Melissa Ieraci Cheryl Kavanagh Sina Morshed Terra Yott Amur Alexandra Aponte Francia Barrera Abdelkarim El Alami El Hlimi Manmohan Gill Sukhdev Singh... Continue reading
The Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine’s teaching clinic is a key component in homeopathic training. This unique and rigorous clinical internship has been in operation for over 13 years and has served to effectively train competent Homeopaths. As an OCHM clinical intern you will: * Be provided with live patients to meet your clinical requirements (at no additional cost) * Be exposed to a wide variety of chronic and acute conditions, developing the skills to practice safely and competently * EACH of your cases will be supervised and evaluated by our senior clinicians who are also experienced Homeopaths with a... Continue reading
A ONE DAY CERTIFICATE COURSE Due to the overwhelming positive feedback we have received about our exceedingly popular information sessions and free lecture series, we have put together TWO perfect ONE DAY courses for you! Homeopathy and self care Tuesday, Sept 10, from 6 pm to 10pm Cost $20.00 includes snacks and refreshments Homeopathy and colds/flu Saturday, Oct 5 9:30 am to 4:00 pm Cost $25.00 includes lunch Both cources are presented at 344 Dupont Street, Classroom #1 ALL PARTICIPANTS will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance Register: Please call 416.535.5995 or email: [email protected] with your interest in attending. Please... Continue reading
The flu Homeopathy can be very useful when it comes to the flu. The trick is to use the right remedy at the right time during a flu or cold so that you can either head it off entirely or palliate the symptoms. If you can get the right remedy and take it before the symptoms continue, often the cold stops right there. When a remedy does not help to stop or help greatly with symptoms, it means that the remedy is not the right one for the symptoms or the stage of the illness. Here are a few easy... Continue reading
If your application is approved by June 1st for September enrollment, on registration day you will receive a full set of homeopathy books free of charge, a $500 value. Eligibility Applicants applying to the Homeopathic Medicine & Health Sciences Program must have their Ontario Secondary School Diploma with the equivalent of OACs in Biology and Chemistry, and at least 2 or 3 years of post secondary education from a college or university. A Bachelor's degree is strongly recommended. You can apply online today. Those students who do not have the above requirements may apply under the "Special Student" status (contact... Continue reading
ON-LINE or IN CLASS HOMEOPATHY CERTIFICATE COURSE: EXPLORING THE ART AND SCIENCE OF HOMEOPATHY OCHM is pleased to offer you a special price of $1,500 (a $400 discount from the regular price) for our On-Line or In-Class homeopathy course. We invite you to experience your first lesson FOR FREE. This offer expires June 30th. You can simply click on the link below to access the first lesson: 1. Introduction to Homeopathy 2. Lesson 1 This course allows students to study homeopathy from the comfort of home and at their own schedule. All on-line students will be matched one on one... Continue reading
Please join us for this special event “How to become a Homeopath” with BRYCE WYLDE host of a popular TV show WYLDE ON HEALTH, author and homeopath. Wednesday, August 18, 2010 6:30 pm – 8 pm at Charbonnel Lounge, UofT 81 St. Mary Street Seats are limited Register Now Call 416-535–5995 Ext 6 e-mail to [email protected] Free admission Refreshments provided (special prizes to the first 20 registrants) Continue reading
The 10th graduating class of Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine was conferred on June 23rd, 2010 at the Charbonnel Lounge of the University of Toronto. Faculty, administration, families and friends joined 25 proud graduates for the convocation ceremony. OCHM staff wishes its graduates success in their practice and fulfilment of their aspirations in this noble profession. Aurelija T. Akelaitis Lydia van Woerden Arnold Haroula Battista Daphne L. Bertram Giovanna Capozza Afrouz Demehri Ann Gillian Graham Ashley J. Guite Karen Ruth Huschilt Salinda Jahjaefendic Csilla Kalman Dan Natalia Kisenko Ana Komazec Lucille Spinelli Lagana Aisha Manji M.C. Jayne Marquis Marija Milic... Continue reading
T’is the season of sneezing, runny noses, itchy watery eyes, throat irritation and a general low feeling despite the end of winter. It is hay fever and environmental allergy season! Canadians are far too familiar with these cold like symptoms and consequently are far too familiar with the allergy section at the drug store. Living with seasonal allergies can be torture to many especially when it impacts your ability to enjoy outdoor activities after a long winter of being cooped up indoors. Many people are quick to reach for over the counter allergy meds that may provide temporary relief of... Continue reading
Anything that goes against mainstream is bound to face opposition and homeopathic medicine is no different. Homeopathy has faced tremendous scrutiny for over 200 years due to its unconventional way of defining and treating disease. As homeopathic treatment is individualized and remedies are highly dilute, it is often said that homeopathy cannot be considered a valid treatment in disease. This is due to the supposed impossibility to apply standard protocols in clinical trials and the lack of scientific data. As a result, many critics who have not done their homework are quick to say that homeopathy is simply placebo. It... Continue reading
Haiti continues to remain in a state of crisis and will for an extended period of time. Organizations and individuals from all over are doing their best to provide aid by whatever means possible to help this devastated nation. What is most striking is the health crisis that is entering a new realm of infectious disease and malnutrition. Due to the over populated makeshift living conditions; individuals are faced with the danger of life threatening contagious diseases. The current approach to this situation is a costly mass vaccination program for thousands of children as a preventative measure to potential epidemics.... Continue reading
Now that it is officially snow-shoveling season, many people suffer from uncomfortable muscle aches & pains that go along with this labour intensive but very healthy activity. Unfortunately, it is common practice for people in today’s society to reach for the acetaminophen bottle (ex. Tylenol) for a quick fix. But did you know that acetaminophen is a leading cause of liver failure and can cause harm to your liver even when taken at regular, recommended doses? Over the counter medications are potent and can reap havoc on your body especially when used carelessly. Homeopathy on the other hand is a... Continue reading
WholeHealthNow & Radar Homeopathic Software Continue reading
Riverdale Homeopathic Resources Continue reading
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