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I'm bothered that the Jewish are putting the screws to Cantor like that . In the first place, they have no reason to gripe about not being received decently in America . They are welcomed here with open arms compared to other immigrants . Indeed , I'd say we even favor them. Even if that were not true it is not right for them to get on Cantor's back , and put him on the spot . He's only one key Republican in the House and one person , however important ,can't easily expedite a will to cooperate from other members. When it comes to immigration reform in the Republican party there is a fight going on . It sure isn't Eric Cantor's falt --he's been possitive about it .
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Please forgive speling errors in my comment (Prophet ) it is somewhat this blog I think because i often have to go over my comments and check for absent letts etc. Sorry ! Prophet
Pamela, I am outraged that this has happened to you and Robert Spencer ! I hope this story is spread world-wide so the people of this earth can get some perspective on the cruel and frightening power of Islam and it's stealthy imposition on the free and demacratic societies of mankind . Britian is a shameful example of how the Muslims have influenced Western countries to the point where their leders are intmidated into abandoning their common sense because of their fear of Islamic barbarism and Sharia Law . What fools they are ! Here's hoping Britian snaps out of it and realizes it is wrong to reject someone like you , who fights for human rights and freedom of speech. Your stand against Islam has been wonderful and you are a BRAVE AND SHINING EXAMPLE TO THE WORLD !
Ryan isn't saying that Boston isn't relevant , he's saying that immigration reform should be actively pursued and the right plan will include thorough investigation etc. of foreigners like the Tsaunaer brothers . For those who are ticked because Ryan is showing up with Gutierrez- make up your mind --do you want that change that Republicans need desperately, or would you rather hispanics etc. hold on to that negative image they harbor of the GOP ? A bipartisan effort is what is needed, and Ryan has courage that the other rightists don't have. It's a strange thing--Repubs. are always saying a change is needed, but they value their old, ridgid, radicaly conservative mindset more than anything else. And THAT is why that party is a loser .
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I believe Mitt Romney is sincere about Israel. And he is tunned in to Islamofascism . He is a friend of Allen West and Michele Bachman ( who is a friend of Geert Wilders ) . Don't be afraid to believe and vote for Mr. Romney, he's a decent and nice guy , determined, tenacious and very strong. Don't believe the crap the liberal media has said about him--it is RUBBISH from people who hate him and are trying to destroy him from the very begining. They are the ones who started that SH-T about him not being "likable " . They created an image of him that is totally false. Anyone with half a brain should be able to see that Romney is 98 % more presidential than that big basketball "fun" kid with the big grimn and talent for acting is a pseudo-president with a great talking style ( that passes as good speech ) that captivates the people . All he is is acting acting acting, all talk --an empty suit. I can't bear to listen to him--he whistles through his spit all the time--with that hair-raising LISP of his . UGH !
Ron Paul isn't the innocent old dear that so many seem to think he is. As I see it , the most outstanding thing about Paul is his ego. He thinks he's got a message that is so wonderful and ingenious that it will save the world. In my opinion he is not so enthused about saving the world, actually, as he is in glorifying himself and making himself look like an iconic savior of the century. All you Paul fanatics out there: get a grip and take a deep breath then LEARN something about WHY the mainstream point of view in our society turns him away . He is not wrong about everything, but too many of his ideas and his way of thinking isn't reasonable . He's a radical, and I resent that he is always talking about respecting the constitution when he himself seems to forget what it's all about. Also, the way he works is downright dishonorable and fraudulent. He himself has admitted he probably couldn't win , yet he still hangs in there making it harder for the Republican party and it's nominee. He's being a selfish "dog-in-the-manger" and all that matters to him is getting attention and adultation . The dumb kids who follow him are just that : dumb. That's because they believe Paul before they have gained any perspective- they don't really know whether he's wrong or right, they just WANT to believe what he says because they are idealists and think Paul has the answers. . It doesn't have much to do with reality. Paul knows he's got the young crowd where he wants them and he is laughing to himself. He and Obama are both con artists. The kids like his ideas about legalizing drugs and repudiating all notions of combat, or war. No war-no war, no war ! That's what the ignorant young love. What they don't realize is that they wouldn't be where they are or live a free life IF IT WASN'T FOR PAST WARS AND THE BRAVE PEOPLE WHO FOUGHT FOR THAT FREEDOM AMERICA ENJOYS TODAY ! Ignoramuses ! Ron Paul isn't any genius and his reluctance to start wars etc. is not any different than any other candidate--none of them want to start wars--but if war becomes a necessity they are not too cowardly to fight . Paul is half senile--that's the truth about him. And even if he won the contest and was voted in the governing administration would not accept him--he's that incompatable .
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Prophet again : please forgive me my misspelled words. I know I messed up --sorry ! Typing too fast .
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Lets all sent an e-mail to Sean Hannity and thank him for that interview ! He's sort of a hero also ! He speaks out about Islam when no other news show host will do it . They are all intyimidated. Hannity really delivers with a punch. Now of the others do that. His e-mail address is : Lets not ever forget Geert Wilders- he is a great example of courage---the kind we don't oftin see nowadays. He has been resolute and dedicated--while others were too cowardly to stand up and protest the threat against freedom !
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I can't resist the effort to say a few more words about liberal media. It is a dehumanizing weapon against civil life on earth. I mean that- I am appalled at the prejudice, distortions , exaggeration, and downright lies on those Tv shows like MSNBC; the people on that channel are like totalitarian government propaganda-ists . Their show hosts and commentators are so cheap and tasteless- they turn the whole Tv company into a b-grade movie . And they are obssessed with scalping people . This year they are thriving on the Republican campaigns and candidates. What they say is dowwnright sadistic. Speaking of Fox TV- one person I can't stand is that Greta Van Susteren . She has friends like Himmary Rosen and welcomes dog-faced Democratic foul-mouthpiece Debbie Wasserman Shultz . She was on Greta's show right after Romney's last win of three states. I wasn't surprised. Greta smiled and complimented that rat-haired bitch while she told one lie after the other --about the Republicans, the campaigns Romney and Obama . WHAT'S GOING ON GRETA ? FOX ? Fire her !
I never did like Beckle - he was always making smug insulting remarks about Gov. Mitt Romney. Both him and that screwball "wit of the century " Greg Gutfield are asses . Gutfield's sneering remarks about Romney were not funny, they were dehumanizing . Fox ought to wake up and stop the negative talk about our likely nominee, thus our only hope of defeating Obama. If we want mean remarks about our candidates we can find them on MSNBC or CNN --but Fox should have more sense. BTW, if you are a Republican feeling reluctant about Romney- have some faith- we could do a lot worse. Besides, I think we are going to see a better Romney once he really clinches the nomination. Forget about his alleged "faults" -they are nothing compared to his virtues. most of those "problems " of his were created by the liberal media anyhow . Fox should fire anybody who says Obama is better than Romney--and that is exactly what Beckle has said . Obama is a con-artist and a bag of hot air. We NEED a new president and Romney is our only hope .
Sure, Romney put out some negative adds aginst Santorum, but we should realize that not only did Santorum make some of the same kind of adds about Romney, but he bad-mouthed Romney every speech he made. While Romney, with a few exceptions, kept his speeches about Obama and the country's problems, Santorum was a walking, talking negative add against Romney--EVERY DAY . It was disgusting how he lavished complaints about Romney on the audience--he wanted to make sure they didn't leave without doubting Mitt . Santorum's whole campaign was filled with whining and blaming and licking his wounds. Everything that went wrong was Romney's fault. And that's how it ended -he blamed Romney and his money ( sigh ) for his failure. Just like Gingrich- all the ineffectiveness was blamed on Romney. Put a sock in it Santorum and admitt you were not as appealing as you imagined .
I do not see that Gov. Mitt Romney is anyway unlikeable, wrong , "liberal " "moderate" or someone to demonize like he has been demonized so much. I see him as a very nice man- an upstanding ,clean, patriot, faithful,very talented business strategist, a leader raised by a leader, from the time he was very young , when he was a missionary, and a pastor and consoler in his church,a dynamic CEO with a midas touch, and a determined,worker who had the strength of character and will to do what he means to do. He wanted to become that Governor of Mass. He did--and he is a guy who GETS THINGS DONE . THAT'S WHAT COUNTS ! When all is said and done- who the hell cares about abortion, and dozens of social issues ? Religion isn't going to save our government or country. All those things are important but they do not solve an economic crisis . Romney is very self-diciplined and determined to make things work. What to think of a candidate ? LOOK AT HIS LIFE ! Romney is a WINNER . Too bad the poisonous liberal media has demonized him ! Look at the tide he's had to swim against --everything has been against him, yet he hasn't been knocked down. He's got real grit . He's had to live with the "nobody likes him " myth stigmatizing him -thanks to the vultures of the liberal media . I admire and respect him. He's taken hell and if he gets to be president he will take even more of it .
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I don't see how any sensible person who doesn't go for extremism can stand that Rick Santorum. The guy is ding-a-ling all the way . He pretends to be a nice-guy type, a big brother and friendly neighbor in a sweater-vest, but underneath it all he's an egotistical mean-spirited hatchet -man . You know that when he belittles other candidates, especially Mitt Romney ( who, btw, doesn't usualy do that kind of thing ) and he does it with that silly grin on his face--lying right through his long teeth . Little Ricky--a preaching, reprimanding, scolding,puritan. He's said that he thinks women who have abortions and doctors who perform them should be executed . He opposes contraception and says pre-marital sex should be made illegal. He believes a woman must never have an abortion no matter what the circomstances--even in cases of rape or incest . He thinks women should stay home and not be out looking for jobs . He attributes "radical feminism " to women wanting to go out and earn a paycheck. He doesn't believe in evalution. He has said he thinks homosexuals should be put in prison . His wife had a baby that died and they took that dead body home to show to their children and relatives, and slept with it before bring it to the morgue . He has a talking-tic and mental problen with women, babies, abortion, family ,morals, decency etc. etc. Mr. Santorum : a long-winded , self-rightious goof who loves to hear himself talk . Romney is conservative enough for me.
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Since the campaign race is getting so close to the home plate, the questions are becoming prolific and there's mounting tension at this point it seems right to discuss the Pres. candidates . Now's the time--don't be like most people and give yourself a crash course in getting to know what's going on only a week or few days before the primary vote. We commenters here have a lot in common when it comes to choosing a president , I think . While some voters are only interested in things like the economic crisis, jobs, and too many are hung up on the subjects of abortion and religion etc., we know we need a president who understands we have enemies who hate our guts and that they should be treated accordingly. A president who has a perspective on Islam and is aware that there IS such a thing as Islamization. That's the kind of president I want too, and that's why I'm voting for Mitt Romney. That candidate is one of the most underestimated ever. He is so intelligent, and has that insight that is so important when it comes to understanding where the west stands with Islamics , and Israel. Romney is absolutely pro-Israel and is fully aware of the "bone of contention " between the Muslim world and the Jews. I decided to find out as much as I could so I read his books and if you read "No Apologies " you will understand how knowledgable he is . I appreciate a lot of his qualities, and ESPECIALLY that he is such a true PATRIOT . That is one thing I absolutely HAVE to have in the man I choose for president. Gingrich may be brilliant too, and he has a good campaigning style, but is also just as much clever and a good actor as he is genuine. He's done a good jub of manipulating the crowds and telling them exactly what they want to hear. He's got those hungry people believing he's the dear of wise grampa or uncle who will guide the way to a more secure and happy life for all. They want to hear it and believe it, and they think they have found it in Newt. Newt is smart and has had a lot of experiance of course, but he's no smarter than Romney . Newt will probably win and that's too bad. I feel Mitt Romney is SO much the better man. Everything about him is better. He even looks better---who wants a pudgy ol guy who always looks mad --that's Newt. I'd be more proud to have Romney represent the USA . And about that "flip-flop" stuff---are they kidding ? Newt has flip-floped just as much as Mitt- probably more. Why hasn't anyone dogged and bashed HIM for that , like they do Romney ? I have a bad taste in my mouth about the whole thing. They have made a whipping post of Romney and he's the best man there.
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One day America will look back at the Cain fiasco and blush with embarrassment over the way they were hornswoggled into believing what a huckster and a con-artist in a pimp's hat told them. Cain is a big ego and blowhard who is no more fit to be president of the United States than I am. As a matter of fact--I at least know what and where Libya is , so maybe I'm more qualified. Good riddance
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" While we in the West see great value in the wide diversity of the world's peoples , nations, regions and continents,the Islamist see only a single dividing line- one between the state of Islam, and the state without Islam--literally the house of war.Once a territory has become a part of the state of Islam it must remain so forever and all former Islamic lands are to be returned to Muslim contry Islamists have no interest in seeing an independant Pakistan state established alongside Israel- the so-called two-sate solution. Their goal is to remove the Jews from their land that they believe is a part of Islam- land that will be claimed once more for Allah. Land that once haven been conquered for Allah belongs to Allah for all time . For Jihadists , no peace is possible with Israel on any terms." "The jihadists share a common overarching goal: war on America and the West, the destruction of Israel and the Jews, the recapture of all lands once held by Muslims , the elimination of infidel leaders and the defeat of all non-Muslim nations. " MITT ROMNEY There are a lot of reasons to vote for Mitt Romney; no matter what his so-called -faults are, his good qualities far out-number them. I was so impressed by his book "No Apologies" I decided to pay more attention to him, and to find out as much as I could. The more I found out about him the better I liked him. For one thing- he is a true PATRIOT, and that is an absolute necessity in any candidate I choose. No luke-warm Americas ; no Ron Paul who thinks 9/11 was our fault, - I need a man who is dedicated to his country and proud to be an American. No matter what you may have heard about Romney , please realize most of that mean-spirited criticism and videos against him are done by those who hate him and/or are afraid of him. The blood sport of politics includes trying to cut the throat of your opponent. Romney has been terribly bashed by many, many of his own party as well as the Democrats. One of his great "sins" is being a Mormon. Those smug , puritanical ultra-conservative nut cases like Bachman, and Santorum are terrified at the thought of a (GASP) Mormon in the White House ! Well he is the best man out there. He's got class, and as far as I'm concerned is as clean as you are going to find them. He definately isn't afraid of conflict with, and standing up to enemies. He KNOWS who our enemies are, and give him a power posistion like president I trust him to make sure those enemies fear us . Newt, as smart as he is, is doing one hell of a job manipulating the crowds to believe every conceited word he says ( people paid $60,000.00 a pop to listen to his speeches ! )- they think he's the dear old wise Grampa worrying about their lives etc. He's a clever person, and an egocentric manipulater. Romney is so much more of a good man than Gingrich--it's going to be a shame if Newt gets the vote. Get you a copy of "No Apologies" and read for yourself- so you get a better perspective on him.
I'm in a hurry, but I've just got to take time to comment on this. Don't be fooled by Ron Paul. he's not really what America needs; as a matter of fact he's exactly what America doesn't need. What the guy is is just an overgrown 1960s hippie, and his philosophy is that the more fault you find in your government the more it will quit picking on "imaginary" enemies. Paul is a " tolerance at all costs " candidate and he harbors the idea that we are bullies who should be nice to those who resent us , or want to cut our throats , and then those "victims" of our warmongering will be willing to be nice to us. They will grin and be willing to negotiate. What a typical ultra-leftist who pretends to be a "liberarian" ! I knew what he was the first time I heard him talk - he started lecturing on how we didn't know what "true liberty" was . I guess we should read his book . I can't stand the goofy character, but unfortunately a lot of people are impressed with him because they are looking for somebody who's "different" . Bottom line : DON'T VOTE for that screwball.
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Was Keith "crocadile tears" Ellison there ? That sobbing job he did at the King hearings discussing the radicalization of Muslims in this country was so pathetic I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. What a complete phony, but he is the pride of CAIR , which, according to all I've read, is just another buddy to The Muslim Brotherhood. Evidently, that info. has not yet reached Obama , or else he doesn't really care. That Ramadam dinner is a cowardly pandering to the Islamic community, and an example of the appeasment philosophy that was used at the Munich dinner and discussion in about 1938 to passify Hitler . Britain made one earnest effort after another to show flattering respect for the wolf in sheep's clothing . The Obama crowd says "bow deeply- they will appreciate our kindness and never betray us ". But Jew-hating Hitler had plans; and Jew-hating Muslims have plans. Both are global.
Enjoyed that video very much ! That man is so smart. Hope to hear more of him. When oh when, we we cease to feel we have to live a lie ? Millions of citizens resent Islam, yet we are demonized for saying so. We need a strong, bold leader ! Breivik was wrong to kill, but I can understand his sentiments about immigration etc. entirely.
Pam dear--you have been a great inspiration to me..and given me the courage to keep going in spite of so many who try to discourage and belittle me for fighting for this cause. It's a fight, and those like me who won't back down can end up feeling pretty it's wonderful that we have you, and Robert, Geert, etc. , and other people like you to believe in . Stay strong, and know we ,your followers , have faith in you. You are a warrior, and that's what we need now . That's what the world needs now.
What shocks me is that they actually described him as a Muslim. Maybe that's a good sign
Mr. Grady you may be right- it will take something more dynamic than a conference, however wonderful it is, to make people awake, rub their sleepy eyes, and notice how bad the Islam-west thing is. Maybe it will take another 9/11 type of incident, awful as it sounds ! I'm so tickled that Pam, Robert and Geert will be all together again ! Share a dinner you three, and come back and tell us about your conversation . Next- I'd like to see that same kind of conference in America
After reading some of the reviews of Geert's speech at Nashville, I am disappointed that there is so much negitivity. I shouldn't be surprised though- actually, I'd be shocked if there was much positive response . The trouble is, most of these write-ups are written by people who don't know much, or anything, about Islam. No wonder they get indignant when they hear him say Islam, in so many words, is hateful. They are not different than most people however, who still hang on to that old idea that it is the utmost in poor judgement to criticize another person's religion. I wish the world would get rid of that notion , BTW . He says that Islam is never moderate and those writters who think of themselves as reasonable hit the ceiling . They never read the Koran,learned about Islam,or keep up with the Islam-West situation as it goes day by day. In short, they don't know anything but their preconceived notions and that includes a negative attitude towards Wilders to begin with . SO--what can be done to improve things for him ?? What Geert Wilders needs is some good publicity. That would be a better way to convince people than other efforts. The difference is that when he gives his speeches at places like the Nashville church, small gatherings of interested people elsewhere, he has pretty much got himself an audience who believes in him as it is. Or at least is willing to think positively if they can. So not all that much progress is made. Whereas, if he has enough decent and positive publicity his message will reach a lot of people who are impressed and inspired to at least take more interest . There is SO much negative publicity about him, when he does get publicity, that it kills --I myself, think one bad article or interview op-ed etc. does so much harm it undoes everything good he does, or positive response he gets .If I had a way or knew more, I'd start a campaign to encourage positive thought about him. It's a wonder he hasn't been squashed entirely by now . The trouble is --all we do is talk--we never DO anything .
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Anna of the Netherlands , (and everyone ) : ANJEM CHAUDARY is a menace to society ! WHY DOESN"T SOMEONE PLUG THAT S-IT FACTORY UP ?? Actually - when you really think about it, it's the fault of the British themselves for allowing him to go this far. He sounds the reincarnation of Hitler himself, and those Brits are laying down and screaming "WALK ALL OVER ME !"" Londonistan lives..
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While I'm very glad Geert is writing this book I am somewhat confused ! A month or so ago I read that he intended to write a book called "We Will Not Submit : wining the war against Islamization" ( or something to that effect ) I thought it was due to be available soon but then learned it wouldn't be in the stores untill 2012 . So is it that there have been some changes made ? More about this years book : it sounds wonderful, mostly because I admire him so I can't imagine my not being at least somewhat pleased at anything he says. Maybe not all that sensible, but I guess I can try nto be at least a smidgen objective. To be real honest though , I am a little disappointed. That's because I am not sure just going over the history of Islam to make some points will do him the most good. What he should do is bring Geert Wilders out into the open and try to present himself to the world as he really is ; what he stands for and why he believes he is doing the right thing. That's because he needs to counteract the crazy and negative ideas too many have about him. He is a mystery yet. And you know how people, especially those who worry more about hurting Muslim feelings than they do respecting the dignity of their own people, have their minds all made up that Wilders is "Bastard bigot " as one person discrbed him to me last week. I don't know about the rest of you here, but it sort of sickens me to see him so hated, so riduculed ( (the jokes made and cartoons drawn of him are so malicious and mean ) - it's my guess he needs to talk a little at least about himself . Ideally, someone else should write about him- call it " The Audacity of Truth " or maybe Geert Wilders : " True Grit " ( sorry I borrowed that one) "Dutch Courage" How about that ? Anyhow his book should say something that has the power to help vanish negative images of him .
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