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Quick question. [SPOILERS] Putting aside my other issues with the movie, one issue baffles me: why did David infect Dr. Holloway? I can't make heads or tails of that decision. Maybe it's better not to try to figure it out, as the movie around that point began dissolving into THE MUMMY-like nonsense and camp. Didn't SUNSHINE devolve this way, too? What's the hang-up with huge, alabaster, zombie giants? Maybe they save money on the CGI by just using the same monster-zombie over and over with slight tweaks. Anyhow, wondered if you had a view on the infection thing.
Nice article, Sam. I can appreciate it now that I've finally seen the movie. One item that wasn't mentioned in the Salon article (though perhaps you discussed it in the comments, or in a podcast, or somewhere else): Near the end of the film, Mal stabs Cobb. At that point, they are in Limbo, in their house. Fine. But when Cobb gets stabbed, he wakes up on the beach, where it loops back to the beginning and Cobb meets old Saito, etc. Is Cobb in Limbo again? That wouldn't seem to make sense, under the rules of the film. Wouldn't he be somewhere else? Not that I really care (I think the movie does a bad job of getting us to care about why anything happens to any of the characters), but just wondering how this event fit into your interpretation of the film.
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Aug 28, 2010