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I'd been waiting so long to get my hands on the last Lacey Flint mystery by SJ Bolton, A Dark and Twisted Tide, and it exceeded my expectations so darn much. I really can't stop thinking about it. Of course, I haven't started Stuart MacBride's The Missing and the Dead yet, so... :D
RL Fevers' Theodosia series features her beloved cat, Isis, who is JUST FINE. ALWAYS. In the last book there's a monkey, but the monkey will be fine. Trust. I have a shelf on GoodReads for this: nothing bad happens to the dog. It's a work in progress and includes cat, fish, birds, turtles and anything else that can be loved, but I update it religiously. I also have a shelf of "animal triggery af" and "Dead Dogs in Books for No Damn Reason" should you need to know what to avoid or want to get your rage on. But let's stay positive. In the 2nd book of Maureen Johnson's Suite Scarlett series, "Scarlett Fever", Mrs. Amberson adopts a small dog and not only does it not die but it basically is given everything a dog could ever dream of and lives the life of Riley. As someone for whom this topic is hugely important, I can think of no better advice than having a cadre of friendly readers who, if you are interested in a book that has a companion animal in it, will leap in and pre-read for you and report back.
Holy crow, I just finished a book last night with #1 going on. I kept trying to think why the character was bothering me so badly, and that's it exactly. Well said. But my #1 dealbreaker on villains is if they're the only LGBT or person of color in the book. Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage.
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Jackson Pearce's FATHOMLESS, in which a young mermaid wants to leave the sisterhood of dark, soulless creatures and regain her humanity, which she can only do by convincing a mortal to love her and stealing his soul. Huh. So if I'm reading that correctly, a young woman who can only escape being a terrible woman by convincing a dude to love her, which is of course, fatal for him. Awesome.
That is seriously not in the top 15 list of questions I have about this image.
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Mar 21, 2011