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Daniel Odio-Paez
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Dave, as an entrepreneur new to the Bay area from DC, our fundraising would've easily taken 2x as long w/o AngelList. I did a fundraising manifesto on how 54.5% of our raise came from AngelList, and how other entrepreneurs can do it in less than the 14 weeks it took us: What's next for AngelList? Can they make the Series A fundraising process as efficient as they've made angel fundraising? I'd love not to have to trek down to Sand Hill road 20 times -- very distracting from running & growing the business. DROdio Daniel R. Odio CEO,
Beth, this is Daniel, co-founder of AppMakr. I hope the app was a hit! We'd be happy to talk to any non profits out there. Just contact us from the website.
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Mar 19, 2010