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Northwest Iowa
Public Library Special Projects Coordinator, Therapy Dog handler, Pit Bull & Malinois owner, horror fanatic, gadget geek, and mommy to a toddler girl
Interests: Dogs and Libraries
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I am a mother and a dog owner. I am completely mystified as to how a mother could be sleeping on a bed with a baby and not know that a dog was mauling their child right next to them. That seems completely impossible, unless the mother was using drugs or sometime. I think that there is a LOT more to this story than is being reported.
Another excellent entry! It's sad, but it's this kind of madness that makes me think that I'll likely own another dog that falls under the blanket of "Pit Bull."
Excellent post! I think that all of the cities considering BSL should REALLY look more closely at Denver. Most like to use use them as an example of success. How many REALLY look at the issue?
The Utah shelter thing has me particularly horrified. Can that possibly be legal? Even Utah has to have some sort of animal cruelty laws, I would hope.
Toggle Commented Mar 29, 2010 on Weekly Roundup - Week ending 3/28/10 at KC DOG BLOG
I wrote but they didn't seem very interested in logical suggestions from non-residents.
What is a chest collar? A harness? I got excited when I saw your tweet since I am near Sioux City, but I'm not sure that this is much better than what they already have. Maybe someday they will wise-up. I'm not holding my breath.
That's a tough one. As an ex-vet tech, I can tell you that veterinarians get stiffed an obscene amount of times. Since people paying their vet bills is the only way that they can pay their own bills and staff, I understand why they are hesitant to extend credit to people. Believe it or not, most veterinarians are not wealthy people. There are a LOT of people that want credit, and a lot of them are not going to come through with the payments. So... The clinics that I worked for would have allowed them to take the dog for a second opinion without notifying authorities of potential "animal cruelty." We may have called the police, though, if somebody "stole" the dog. Perhaps they had not paid the bill that they had already run up? It's tough to say without hearing the other side of the story. Crappy situation for everybody, that's for sure.
That is so disgusting! BSL aside, neither of those dogs look anything like Pit Bulls. This should strike fear into the heart of any dog owner.
That is seriously just sick.
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Jan 29, 2010