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This is sick! The story at this point should be how to get that husband in jail for murder. We have grown into a land or lawlessness. Why is the murder suspect not in custody for goodness sake?
When I think of the big challenges that face Cameroon, " Fake Churches" do not make my top 10. The decision to ban or not to ban a church is a strictly legal issue. Did the churches break the law or not. Your or my perception of the church is not enough to ban a church, or any other institution for that matter. If a church is found to be extorting its members, it will have to be proven in a court of law. Unfortunately, we have gotten used to confusing our opinions and the law. The way I see it, this is a simple legal matter. All these churches need to do is to consult the government "text" on what it takes to become a registered church if such a document is available. If they have complied with those rules, they should expect to be authorized. But unless they are officially authorized, they are illegal, period. I find it incredulous that some people claim only 3 churches should be allowed in Cameroon. Well, Cameroon has coped fine with maybe ten more tv stations, a hundred more newspapers, a thousand more political parties and ten thousand Non governmental organizations. Just like any family of more than 15 could become a political party or Common Initiative group if it meets the requirement, any group of people should be able to become a registered church if it meets the requirements. Remember 1990, yes, that is a long time ago...but most Cameroonians perceived CRTV and Cameroon Tribune the way they view those same 3 churches today... the sole custodians f the truth! I don't recall when the post was founded, but most of what is written in this paper, and this forum, would have been considered criminal enough for their journalists to all be in Jail, and the paper shut down... the same treatment a lot of people would like for all churches outside the big 3 today. Lets not even go into the "holier than thou" thing that some Christian churches have used against other Christian churches because many of these older churches have so much dirty linen as well. Maybe we need to acknowledge that there may be another way, even if it is not our way. I'm all for freedom of worship!
This paragraph is kind of bewildering to me: "While drawing the attention of journalists and other media practitioners to these constant manipulations with which they are confronted in the daily exercise of their duty, the Executive Council calls on public authorities in general and those charged with the aforementioned affair in particular, to act transparently in furnishing the public in general and the media in particular with information relating to this; notably in facilitating access to official sources as expressed in the memorandum submitted to the government in 1998, during the first contact meeting between the Council and the Prime Minister, Head of Government." I thought the media was supposed to act as the 4th estate, a watchdog role over the 3 arms of government, judiciary, legislative and executive. It troubles me that journalists expect to be "furnished" information by the government. I respect a journalist who asks tough questions and demands answers from not just the government but any news source. Failure to do so, a news medium becomes simply a public relations arm of the government, political parties, or other people in high places. It is my opinion that the government or arms of government are not and should not be allies of the media, otherwise the media gives up objectivity. All people in power try to manipulate the media. Its the journalist's role to find his/ her sources, to cross check the facts from the government and to present any untruths in official releases be it from the government, opposition or other powerful people. The Cameroonian media terrain is a difficult one and I respect the people who brave the challenges everyday especially in the private sector. However, I think many times I think the media is still locked in the CRTV/ Cameroon tribune approach which dictates that news goes to the reporter rather than the reporter going after news, otherwise known as armchair journalism.
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When we were at UB a decade ago, Dr Nyamnjoh used to teach us about Ali Mazrui etc. UB who never gave him the chance to really shine needs to get someone to teach the students about Nyamnjoh!
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It is acts like these which clearly demonstrate that the SDF is not mature enough to manage itself let alone a country. Democracy 101: Those councilors represent the people not the party. SDF, please learn the difference. In any developed country, an elected official can decide to become independent. That does not mean he loses his office. By the way I do not know who the SG of the SDF is, but since Asonganyi, it was not worth the salt knowing who the SG is. Let us face it, the CPDM does not need to commit a lot of fraud to beat the SDF hands down in the North West Province. The CPDM has really become popular after the SDF became the same beast by another name. Tell me again, what is the difference between 17 years and 25 years? I believe by now all free thinking people have left the SDF and have sought other ways to help the people.
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The SDF has become the same thing it stood against 17 years ago. Cameroonian politicians treat their party leadership like cults, or the mafia, where the personality comes before the policies where the chairman is God, where being a founding father means you can never do wrong or where leadership is for life. I am sure a lot of people are as disillusioned with the SDF as I am for the ideals they never stood up to. I do not have a problem with a politician who stands up for his people in the face of pressure from his political party. As far as Micro project funds are concerned, I am particularly dismayed by how MP's especially of the SDF utilize theirs. An MP is supposed to represent his people in parliament, not his party. But many a time, we hear how much of a percentage MP's are supposed to contribute to their party from their Micro Projects funds. That money is supposed to be for your people, not your party! If I had to choose between voting for the SDF or the CPDM in the current climate, I would just void my vote. The difference between them is what Chinua Achebe refers to as " the difference between a broken calabash and rotten palm nuts".