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Samantha Oehley
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You and I share the same mind set, my friend. People are always like "go on a few dates, don't be so picky" - to which I stare at them and say: Well, give me a few guys and maybe I will! Right now, there's no one to choose from at all!" All the good ones are taken, or not interested. Everyone else, not interested either. The weirdos? I stay away from them because I'm NOT lowering my standards just for a date. I'm not that desperate. (Borderline, but not 100%)! Ha ha. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the men who complain that women aren't interested in them because they're 'too nice' (but obviously he's looking at the horrible girls, and not the nice ones).
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Rebublicans of that day would probably be democratic today. Lincoln, Roosevelt - Republicans claim these are their men, but the idea of Dem/Reb has changed dramatically over the last 100 years. I had a trip to the US (from New Zealand) over the new year and we came across the odd republican who likes to blame Obama and what not. I tell you, we're BIG Obama fans. We think he's doing a great job - particularly because he had to inherit the mess from Bush. And doesn't the govt have Obama's birth certificate publically displayed online because they got so many demands from people for proof of it? It's really disheartening that people will be so closed minded as to not accept their president. Of course, I'm the same with republicans so I can't really speak :P
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Feb 15, 2011