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What did Brandon's mom do to him.
Toggle Commented Jan 8, 2017 on Her Meter Is Running at davidthompson
I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying this womans pain. Such stupidity and weakness deserves to be painful.
Toggle Commented Dec 11, 2016 on Totes Hardcore at davidthompson
It's been my experience that most women love the decorative maleness that I possess and I have witnessed it in other manly looking men with whom I am acquainted.
At present rate ... the left and the right in America will be shooting at each other in the very near future ... it's coming because the left will not longer allow the right to ever speak. That is a damned good reason to start the shooting. It's about freedom of speech at it's most basic. The war with the left has also become part of the war on terror since the left employs a faggoty form of terror at Trump rallies and support the muslims in their much grander form of terror. Bang Bang Unicorns.
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2016 on Elsewhere (195) at davidthompson
I think all feminists are lesbian, but many won't admit it so they blame men for everything that's wrong with their twisted lives. Screw them ... marry a real woman. Feminists will make you feel gay.
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2016 on Feminist Life Skills at davidthompson
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Jan 26, 2016