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Photographers with no mobile experience assume an iPhone will lag, but it doesn't if you use the right apps for shooting. The misconception that an iPhone has a lag when shooting is due to the misconception that Instagram is an app for taking PJ photos. It isn't. Instagram is a publishing tool, the filters are optional. There are several apps on iPhone that allow you to compose a photo with separate control of focus and exposure, as you would with a DSLR or a more traditional photographic device. Strangely,these apps are not used by many photojournalists - despite their years of experience with high end photographic equipment. These are the apps that don't lag, dont filter and will give you much finer control when creating quality photographs with an iPhone. That's why I teach people how to use them at the Australian Centre for Photography, as well as many other venues in Sydney in dedicated mobile photography classes. Personally I don't understand why a photojournalist would use either Hipstamatic or any orher app that has to slow down the shooting ability to apply a filter or effect. The argument that these images are more reliable from a photojornalistic perspective because the processing is "pre-selected" doesn't make sense to me when for years we've accepted straight images from other digital cameras. And aesthetic preferences (minimalistic filters or other post processing) is surely okay if you're not compromising your ability to photograph the story. I recently licensed images from my Instagram feed taken during protests in Sydney. The images were shot with my iPhone, despite having superior gear on hand which I could have used to upload to my iPhone with an Eye-Fi card. Why use an iPhone then? Because I could get the shots, and decide which were the right images to ahare, and how they should be processed for mobile sharing. And I could do this all from the one device while keeping pace with the protest as it moved through the city. And when I was asked for permission for use of my protest photos by media outlets, I asked for a licensing fee, and if the press didn't agree to pay I said no. If you're in the right place at the right time with a camera then you're lucky, but if you know how to use the right device at the right time in the right way, then you should be paid.
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The sky is falling! The sky is filtered!
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Nov 1, 2012