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@Zyme! Schröder, when in doubt, advances _turkish_ national interest at the expense of german interest. He's Erdogan's vassal and lackey; and in the olden days a Kurt Schumacher rightfully might have called him the Chancellor of the Turks. Keeping in mind that the SPD need the turkish settler vote and that Erdogan is an islamist; a grand coalition even w/o Schröder could not work effectively against islamist terror. Germany would become a safe haven/staging area and in turn not be a target for islamist terror, but nothing more. In any case the proper reaction to the war (and a war it is) is not to go on the defensive and turn our countries into police states. Against terrorism there is no defense, there's only preemption and deterrence. Thus the proper course of action is to wage the war where it originated, both to kill terrorists and to restore deterrence. Schröder's Iran policy of making a peaceful resolution the absolute priority is suicidal madness that might, with a little bit of bad luck, cost us one or two cities in the end. Any such peaceful resolution will just be "Peace For Our Time", Iran will acquire nukes and then nuclear war will be all but inevitable. Even if we don't suffer any direct hits a nuclear war in our neighborhood will be an unprecedented disaster. Our survival interest dictates a non-nuclear Iran, not necessarily peace. It was a de facto "Grand Coalition" of catholic and non-catholic socialists that made reunification a catastrophic failure. A formal grand coalition with the majority to dismantle the checks and balances in our constitution would fail on the economy, and cause a backlash that would get people elected who _will_ not peacefully relinquish power any more.