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Gerry Oginski
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Jun 21, 2011
Matt, I agree with you 100%. An online viewer doesn't care what your credentials are. The ONLY thing they care about is how you can solve their legal problem. I have been telling other attorneys this for years when they create video to market their practices. You may have noticed that the only types of video that video companies produced a few years ago were ones where the attorney stood stiffly in front of a lawyerly-looking (dusty and outdated) bookcase telling their viewer where they went to law school; how they were the editor of law review and that they clerked for some judge before making their way into the real world. As you so clearly reveal in your Venn diagram above- nobody cares. Consumers only want to know if you have experience handling their type of case and whether you can answer their legal questions. I do not agree with those comments about online lawyer directories and Avvo and Martindale. It also depends on who your target audience is. Are you creating content for colleagues for referrals or for consumers? There is a huge difference. If your goal is to attract consumers, leave the "about me" page in some hidden tab, because it will never be viewed. Focus on content that will help your viewers.
Hi John, You are absolutely correct about the need to do a 50A or 50B calculation following a verdict. You raise many significant issues that all plaintiff's attorneys in New York need to be aware of. Thanks for posting my video here! Gerry Oginski, Esq.
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Dec 23, 2009