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beautiful post, Megan! Being the mom of a boy AND a girl, all I can say is GIRL CLOTHES ARE CUTER. :)
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Ok, Megan, how did I miss this post?! I didn't read all the comments, but while I scrolled down (for about 5 minutes) to get to the bottom, I saw two things that are spot on AND proof of what you just posted. Robin said she cold hear you saying this...I could, too! I could hear your voice as I read. It's b/c you ARE real and authentic and all the things that people have been "demanding" mommy bloggers do. And if/when you review a hand cream or a video game it would be authentic. Because you just ARE. And someone else mentioned your positive tone. Because this whole "argument" has been so negative. Petty and condescending. So, thank you for encouraging mommmy bloggers! Beautiful beautiful post, as usual!
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Here's the thing about attachment parenting that's always bugged me (sorry) is the NAME! I feel like a DEtached parent if I don't ascribe to it. It immediately makes me feel less than whenever I read the title! That being said, the first time I heard about AP it was in an article that was talking about the "basics" of AP...not using ANY other way to comfort your child except the mother. No swing, no crib, no stroller--nothing. And altho' I AGREE that the majority of American parents use many many things to take the place of PARENTING (ie. leashes on children...), I disagree that the ONLY place for a child to DEAL with EVERYTHING is in his mother's arms. SO. I say all that rambliness to say, thank you for all the links and info on AP. It's a better overview than a checklist of all the "bad" things I'm not supposed to do anymore! :)
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Beautiful post, Megan! The thing I love about Disney is how they cater to families...their goal (imo) is to facilitate the most magical experience for your FAMILY. And there is nothing I want more than to foster memories and tight bonds with my kids. I want our family to be "magical"! Thanks for the beautiful insight into your heart...not JUST into Disney! So glad I got to meet you! a
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Beautiful, Robin! Love seeing every update---it keeps you and THEM in our prayers!
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Made me smile! Still praying & thinking about you guys! a
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