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Well. Anyone who reads this can see that I have not spoken in favor of ripping up old vines. That's bad deta technique Alice. There are no laws that allows both acidification and chaptalization. In 2003 there was an exception from the law i Loire that allowed acidification but that didn't overrule the law that permitted addition of sugar. Get your facts straight.
WInes has been denied appellation status for different reasons all through the history. The AOC-system has changed and adapted since the beginning. I think it's much to soon to write the obituary based on the loud opposition from a small group (in the country with largest wine production in the world) that wants to do things differently. Rebels are needed, loved, adored and move boundaries. But they serve their purpose best outside the system. BTW. I don't find the new EU regulation to be ridiculous. When it comes to effect I think it will bring some order into it all.
You give examples of producers who choose to work outside the legislation. I asked for specific wines that has been denied appellation status.
I might be stupid but that didn't make any sense to me. Can you give examples of wines that have not been accepted on those grounds?
I actually don't understand what the problem is. I agree that the system isn't perfect (don't know any system that is) but exactly what should be changed in the appellation laws? is now following The Typepad Team
Oct 21, 2011