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Thanks Kirk, I have been cruising the m4/3 world for awhile now and you have helped seal the deal on the Pana GH2. A few months back I was ready to pull the trigger on a PEN, but their marketing confused me with the PEN, PEN Lite et al. More annoying on the PEN, when I trolled the web for real life differences, no one could really tell me. It was all a regurgitation of Oly press releases. When I queried one blogger who claimed to have all the cameras with questions about differences, he replied with his referral links to buy the cameras. You're make a good point about the sync terminals too. While the chances would be slim that I would use the cam for any strobe work, it's just nice to have. I've looked at the Nikon series and even though I'm a Nikon DSLR user, this CX system just doesn't appeal to me. The main reason is that it is closed loop and I want to experiment more rather than be tied to one set of optics. Thanks for an informative post,
Looks like there is a Nikon press conference for Fri Jan 6. There's a post over at NR. Regarding the "more than we think" comment here regarding the disasters, you are absolutely right. People who have not actually been affected or involved just have no idea, and water disasters are just the worst.
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2012 on Nikon D800 Coming at The Online Photographer
I still own and use my old Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n. It is still the only camera I trust fully in hard summer sunlight. My friends call the camera the Fat Bastard. When they see the pics, they shut up. If I had the opportunity to get a good used (6 mp I think) 760, I'd snap it up. The new DSLRs, even though I own them, have too much junk on them for my liking. I'd give my eye teeth for a digital Nikon FM with no crap on it, but with he need to sell whiz bang bells and whistles, I doubt if that would ever happen. The Kodak has limitations. With the original batteries, the camera can get gently warm after 12 jpegs. Still, I live the thing. Happy New Year BTW ;-)
I had a 1995 sort of a dark red. I loved that car but needed to sell when I moved. It was like driving a Land Barge. The guy who bought it is still driving it. I learned to drive on a 1969 Pontiac Catalina, metallic gold with the black vinyl roof and all black inside. With no air conditioning, driving it was quite a treat in the summer as you can imagine. City Changes - some things are definitely for the better, but it's sad when a historic structure that was once of prominence is just left to decay. It happens a lot in the Northeast cities.
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Jul 10, 2011