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You're not blasphemous - the 2009 Indy 500 was watching paint dry. It was a good thing I was an Helio fan. 2010 was worse - simply domination by Dario. Had I not been there, I may have dozed off.
Overall, I like the schedule. Like you, I have mixed emotions on the double-headers. Personally, I had planned on attending Iowa in 2013 as a night race. Now that it's daytime, I'm not so sure. But as I watched the broadcast last night - the September hole (nice name) was the first thing that jumped out at me. Hopefully, something else can be added. Providence would be logical here, but I've heard it will be in August if it happens. As it stands now, you have the two yawners in August (Mid-Ohio & Sonoma), followed by Baltimore and then a five week layoff. Not good.
Bill - I'm glad you're still at it. We need you.
Excellent post! And thank you for verbalizing why we blog for nothing. My friends just don't get why we do what we do. It makes it even more fun to follow this sport. I may complain about a lot of things, but IndyCar access is not one of them. Amy K. and Arni S. actually DO treat us like we work for AP or USA Today. And special thanks to the way you're treated new bloggers over the years (including myself). Now excuse me while I crawl back into my Mom's basement.
Excellent points, all. You are correct in the previous regime operating in secrecy. It wasn't just TG either. The whole bunch acted as if the fans were just a necessary evil for what they really wanted. Randy Bernard's team seems to put the fans ahead of everything. Regarding "relentless Pollyanna"; I try to be positive, while still maintaining a realistic approach. I think the current group in charge has a handle on that as well. I still bet there will be some little nugget come out of today's events that will be a surprise - and in a good way. That seems to be Randy Bernard's MO. I almost just wrote a post. Bill, you need to put a black background with white typeface on here. [ducks to avoid flying projectiles hurled from p-dog]
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2012 on State of IndyCar, Snark-Free Edition at
Excellent (and humorous) write-up. I also wondered who "Mike" was.
Bill: I gotta say, I'm impressed. Danica and IZOD girl in the same season. Does she know how distresed Hobbson was during her absence? is now following The Typepad Team
Sep 1, 2010