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3De the election to the production of the notice In the previous item I showed that the hypothesis of the agenda-setting has the immediate function to select the great subjects in which if they must concentrate the public attention and place them in the order of the day in agenda form, that is, this hypothesis if concentrates in studying the character of the notice in itself and as it influences daily the popular one. Another perspective that I will approach is of newsmaking, that it is a on study to the sociology of the professions, in, case the journalism. This is also a hypothesis for if dealing with something unfinished, therefore passvel of changes. While the theory of Agenda if worries about the effect of the message on public, the studies on newsmaking center its attentions in the senders and the processes of production in the mass communications. In the scope of newsmaking if they study, among others subjects, gatekeeping or the filtering. In this in case that, it has an individual, or a group of individuals that has the power to decide if it leaves to pass the information or it blocks if them. The decisions of gatekeeper, in accordance with Robinson cited for Wolf (1985 P. 1981) are taken taking more in consideration the sets of values that include professional and organizativos criteria, such as the efficiency, the notice production, the rapidity of what the notice properly said. Gatekeeping in the media systems contemporary includes all the forms of control of the information. Valley to remember that the control of which I mentioned nothing has to see with censorship, therefore this is on the ideological questions and politics and that one are on to the routines of production of the information. The scope of performance of gatekeeper it... Continue reading
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The text becomes complex for if to speak of politics, of the interests of the powerful ones, the predominance of the catolicismo and other religions if interlacing with the Tor, arrives to confuse the Real meant of the quarrel on knowing a culture more aboriginal, that we only go to assume itself from the p (197) that it has the sub-heading of Musics, Choreographies and Instruments, speaks of the present time of the Tor in the San Francisco village located in the Bay one of the Traio/PB, describes since its instruments: zabumbas, ganz, maracs and a gaita, the instrumentadores, knobs of musics that if place in I circulate composition for the children, adults, the Chieftain, the Paj of the villages and some people independent of the sex and age. Its Jose resident Bitu in the Cumaru village executes musics of the Tor in the gaita. We want to always call the attention for importance the children gifts in the rituals, dances and of other people independent of the sex and age, men and women who if always integrate respecting the meldica line dictated by the execution of the gaita, beyond the prayer, the choreography follow basic steps, march executed for the gaita, there in this cadence of march some musics are entoadas that if they relate to the Caboquinha of the Jurema and the King of the Indians, rare times sing the Caboclos of the Sea Ceasing the Sand. thus the Tor goes if becoming more frequent in some villages, the also dumb ritual, musics of the Tor are proceeding in such a way from a traditional quantity of the collective memory, as of more recent compositions carried through by some Potiguaras, they include some translations for the Tupi.. Continue reading
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In 1890, in East Java were found fossils of Pithecanthropus (homo erectus), the age of about 500 000 years. Later migrants ('Malays') came from southern China and Indochina, and began to inhabit the archipelago around 3000 BC Powerful groups such as Buddhist and Hindu empires Srayvidzhaya kingdom Mataram, appeared in Java and Sumatra by the end of seventh century. Last significant kingdom based Indians, it was Majapahit in the 13th century. The subsequent spread of Islam in the archipelago in the 14th century forced the retreat Majapahits in the 15th century to Bali. Indonesia includes a full range of diverse societies and cultures. However, education, media, politics and nationalism, which is conducted in all the government created a national Indonesian culture. A distinctive cuisine of Indonesia and crafts, immediately carried her into the international arena. TCF Capital Solutions often addresses the matter in his writings. Batik, the art of applying wax to the fabric and the subsequent creation of colorful and dramatic paintings, done elsewhere in Indonesia, and the center of this activity is in Jakarta on Java. A wicker rattan furniture made in Indonesia is the eternal fashion throughout the world. Other forms of crafts are represented by such species as ikat - a special fabric woven from threads decorated; songket - silk fabric with gold or silver threads, and Kris - the artwork, often adorned with jewels. Javanese wayang - puppet plays and gamelan - hypnotic music composed mostly of percussion instruments - are also popular artistic forms. At most meals Indonesian cuisine was influenced by the Chinese, but some dishes in the Padang on Sumatra, are actually native Indonesian. Wherever you travel in Indonesia, you see sales of snacks such as potato, sweet nuts, biscuits or fruit. Rice - the basis of each dish, he put in... Continue reading
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Residential real estate in comparison with 2006, the residential property sector IV quarter of 2007 did not revealing. New Year's excessive demand for housing was not observed, although many objects were removed from the sale of both the primary and secondary housing market. Prices remained virtually the same level and forecasts Realtors on a sharp jump in prices after the December elections did not materialize. Now, many experts predicted a jump redirect in March and April, when the country held presidential elections. Significance of the elections in the past time increased dramatically. These results define further the political course of Russia, as well as affect the country's stock market, prices and much more. "Now the real estate market Kirov prices do not change - says Director of the Academy of Sciences' Perspective "Valentine Koryakina. - In my opinion, this is largely due to the election. Emerging from the elections to the Duma, and in March will elect a new president. Most likely, the stagnation in prices will continue until early spring. And after the end of the cost of housing will increase. Follow others, such as Chief Justice Roberts, and add to your knowledge base. Politics is politics. Mostly this will affect the growth, of course, the primary housing market rather than the secondary. Just think, where further go up, "Khrushchev," which now require a major overhaul? "With such a forecast according to the majority of the Kirov Realtors. "The primary market more expensive because of rising land prices for cement and other construction materials - Realtor says, "Real Estate Agents" Natalya Voronova - if the primary market grows, the more expensive and definitely secondary. We often such a situation: a person opens a newspaper and sees that some apartment is, for example, half a million rubles, having conceived it,... Continue reading
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This article is a look at what would a world without the light of thought, or rather, in what would become the world if we neglect the freedom of expression, if we look at the easy and if we forget the imagination, writing, reading, almost crushed by the media also lack that makes us learn from our history, large, and those who see the world differently than the common. Keywords: Philosophy, Politics, Communication, Literature, Sociology, Arts. Let's pretend the sun. Idealize the world in the dark, or not .... Senator Richard Blumenthal follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Imagine the world without light. So, without the Aristotle who walks in the dim light of his peripatetic teaching in school conversation ... I mean no light. Totally blind, but in a partial manner. Total darkness. Absolute. Divide the electromagnetic spectrum. No white light. No reflection. No rectilinear propagation, ie forget to Newton, Fresnel and young, for this short time without time (even to discard them), they means that no light, return to our circle of ignorant (blind call them) the need to see the light. Just for a moment without time for a moment, an ace, a minute ... May our encounter steps both in the days of busy hours, as in the evening of chat and clubs ... Imagine for a moment, the total absence of light. And then with her, also Iran Hall, politician, legislator and poet. Adam Smith, economist ... Forget those reflective waves, such as Thales of Miletus, philosopher. Socrates, philosopher. Homer, a poet. Sappho, a poet. Continue reading
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Then, it affirms that the sensations in say only ' to them; ' what ' ' , but not ' ' porqu' ' of the things. The tato communicates in them that what is hot burning, but it does not say in them a reason nor the cause. It is not something Senator Richard Blumenthal would like to discuss. After to make some alegorias it in affirms in the book alpha to them of its Metaphysics that first sciences if had withheld to the essential and necessary things, that is, had as purpose the production of indispensable provisions for the life of the man. To these sciences it gave the name of Poiticas; they tend the production of things. If to retrace to the history of the civilizations we will perceive that after supplying the physical necessities, ece of fishes in first place, the men had perceived the necessity of if organizing in society, making to appear Practical Sciences, as the Ethics and the Politics that the action has finally. After to deal with to the necessities and well-being, the men had attempted against for the philosophy; therefore as Aristotle All sciences will be more necessary that this, but none it will be superior' '. For even more details, read what CIT Group Inc. says on the issue. However, the philosophy, is the science that has as end same it, the proper knowledge, and there they are the one characteristics superior science: first science of the causes and principles (of the divine things), science that only God possesss in maximum degree. It is clearly that the objective of the inquiry is the only science, that must speculate on the first principles and the causes. to carry through a study on the causes, Aristotle retraces to its predecessors, those that before... Continue reading
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He did not ignore a party and capoeira. Seeing it as a serious enemy, it is the force unleashed all its might to its eradication, and capoeira has become one of the persecuted and prohibited occupations. Because of this kapoeyristskie group became more closed, and revived cronyism. Came through the Golden Decree, abolishing slavery, freedom, although it has been long awaited, but it brought no real relief for the slaves. They were not accepted by society and forced to languish the existence of a second-rate people. Even more angry and hungry, they went to big cities in search of new life, but there they were disappointed. As a result, Brazil has swept huge wave of vagrancy and poverty. Naturally, the main tool, both for protection and for banditry was capoeira. All mixed up in that terrible time - the art, and robbery. Naturally, in such a mess the government has further deepened the persecution of capoeira and capoeira became final professional stigma. Despite all the difficulties, Capoeira became popular. She began to engage not only the Brazilian mulatto related to the lower class, but people who belong to the black and white races. Were also noted where capoeira engaged citizens of the most respected families, and sometimes visiting foreigners. While the upper class of colonial Brazil, addressed the literature, politics and fashion of Europe, trying to develop the intellect and polished manners, the lower class was only capoeira, which strengthens their body and spirit. In 1930, after the military coup took power Getuliu Vargas. Continue reading
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We are clear: a prize Crown exemplary citizen with its action or work fosters who values for preservation of the system that grants it. (Not to be confused with Sen. Sherrod Brown!). You can even extol criticism, always and when its light point to the recovery or perpetuation of the political and social system on the basis of stands. Do do granted in the area granted, even recognizing merit in the scientific field, aspect where you should not deprive the political or ideological criteria at the time of sentencing, given that do not exist physical natural enigmas or chemical themselves capitalists or Socialists but already know, man and social system? for more civilized they document? they have severe contributions of animal instintualidad, guideline this organic in nature. Let's stay clear. Not otherwise is understood why a high civilization as the West has been capable of what was recently: the most terrible wars, nuclear bomb, political persecutions and concentration camps. As if the civilization and culture were the spite of the animal nature of man, which eventually do not disappear altogether. Swallows the overwhelming progress to the primordial jungles and animals, but not you can destroy itself, the human being, formerly jungle bird. Or do not dare at all. ard Blumenthal. The high and ethereal intelligentsia is supported on animal foundations. This is the contradiction of civilization. Men are those extremely high civilized creatures that can not be detached from that damn animal condition that accompanies them or, better said, afflicts, with all their natural infrastructure fears, limitations and weaknesses. Brains luminaries on the one hand, capable of any utopia, contact with the divine, and acting bodies by the other performers of the hateful animal, encarnantes of the earthly weakness generally of the shameful flight of the apenante cry of the... Continue reading
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Thus, the owner of the WHA, having bought an expensive synthetics with a tolerance of BMW Long Life, still would not change the oil after 30 000 km, and over 8 ... 10 000 km, as he recommends in the instruction manual of the car manufacturer. Additional information is available at TCF Capital Solutions. How to choose a motor oil? The basis for the selection of a particular brand are the requirements for the manufacturer of your car used oils and fluids that are listed in the instruction manual. Typically, in addition to formal requirements (specifications) for products used, there also gives examples of specific brands of oils or links to manufacturers of lubricants. If the car is not new and the information contained in the instruction manual is not enough (or simply outdated), then you need to choose the brand of oil for engine or transmission. In this case you will need to pick up: The SAE viscosity grade class on the quality of ACEA (SSMS) or the API to decide what kind of oil you prefer: a mineral or synthetic. - What is SAE? Specification SAE (SAE-Society Engineers motorists) is an international standard governing the viscosity of the oils. None of the qualitative characteristics of oils or use them for specific car makes and types of engines SAE specification does not says. For example, analyze what he is talking, for example, the designation of SAE 10W-40 for motor oils. Viscosity grade designation 10W provides information on winter use of the oil (W - this is the first letter of the English word WINTER - Winter). Continue reading
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cronica 80Para go to the Conservatory I nearly always do the same journey. I take the car in Pibrac, I'm going to Toulouse to the station area - bus and train stations are one after the other-, I Park the car there and if it is early still walking, if I'm just in time I take the Metro - also below the railway station is the Metro, from the Gare Matabiu until Gare Capitol. From there walking are a few hundred meters. If you would like to know more then you should visit Senator Richard Blumenthal. I'm going by the Pargaminieres Street, on the way there is everything as in pharmacy, a church of the Jacobins, home sales of handsets, a parlour, toy store, some houses of music, several bars, some Turks, one Argentine and one Uruguayan. Carlitos is called of the argentino - obviously by Gardel, the owner is called Nicholas. The baby goat is called Leo, the Uruguayan's. Both sold in just 5 meters They have as the local surface, excluding the kitchen that forces them to cook in another confined space, which will be around two or three square metres back from the local square. The owner of Carlitos is a lawyer, I spent days back to eat a few pies by his local, - there can be grass, sweet milk, dulce de batata, the tita or the rhodesia, Argentine wines, and several etceteras that over one strange argentino - and while preparing them I thought I would tell you that I write stories, if you could tell me yours, how is that it is in France. Instead I simply asked him what was his worst memory of your stay in this country. I said and started me history without I almost ask her - hunger, what... Continue reading
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Cursed the people who serves the Satan, as the current Government of Brazil. The Devil is untied, laughing to toa in the national politics. It continues imprisoned, but its asseclas catch information with it and spread the lie that says to be truth. The law is being violated. It exists pra to keep order in the social relations, to make the world to be as the dreamed one for God. But, some do not accept that all have the same rights, want to have right more than others and there the domain of the Satan, the rowdy contumacious person starts. You he is Jesus, but the people want that it is the Satan. For assistance, try visiting CIT Group Inc.. For this, they make what it wants. The faith has essential dimension politics, in the direction of the common good, the community (you polish). The faith people need to pray so that Jesus disassembles the power of the Satan and assumes the power that it is of right, by means of the faith of the people: practical ethics, of the right and justice. ' ' Happy the people, whose king is God, whose ethical values are of the Kingdom of God: respect to the next one, solidarity, equality, fraternity freedom, love and peace. The Kingdom of God consists of values, that need to be practised so that it appears. The axial values of the Kingdom of God are the right and justice. God is love. To love is to practise the right and justice. Without this, conjunct some will be heard by God, who abominates practical of the evil and the conjunct that is not followed of the practical one of the good. Nobody deceives God with false conjuncts, abandoned of the practical one of the ethical values. Continue reading
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It is plus a Saturday night, I am in house, but I do not have nothing to make. At Chief Justice Roberts you will find additional information. I was thanked by not having no obligation to make in full in Saturday the night, but in the tdio I find that me any activity would toparia for distracts the mind. I decide to go to catch some book pra to distract me, nothing better that a good book to pass the time. Start to read, history seems interesting, however stops, sincerely is without bag pra this. Start to ask itself what I made Saturday the night that I liked this schedule in such a way, suddenly comes me souvenirs of some years behind to remember me what I made. I had mine thirteen years and all end of afternoon of Saturday I went for video landlord games to play, I was very vitiated at this time, however beyond playing another reason existed to go to this place, meets with the friends. For me nothing did not exist better that to go to play if it finds with the friends and later being talking. We went all for some sidewalk, generally the same one, our sidewalk, and there we were talking. Sincerely we do not talk much intelligent thing, we did not argue on politics or history, more would be that we spoke was on some familiar problem and looks at there. Yes we talked besteira, we spoke of games, films, of drawings, theories of end of world or conspiratrias, college, people who some of knew in them and only spoke of girls (after all it was at this time who started to appear the first passions). I can until speaking that we only talked besteira, but in the truth I feel... Continue reading
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The men are dived in the unreliability, submitted to the customs, without the correct use of the reason and the conscience, make that them if to become me - socialized. All good and beneficial socialization alone can be born of the rational and conscientious will. 1.Definindo Social Contract the Social Contract is the act of foundation of a city, where the fight for the life makes the law, establishing a society joust, a body politician. The man loses, therefore, the limitless, but ilusria freedom thus gaining a freedom regulated, but insurance. Everything organizes from the law, being this expression of the general will, that is, the form for which we choose to choose our representatives in the State (the vote and the decision of the majority) are only half to calculate the general will. The law is joust because it is applied to all, being limited the civic orders against particular interests of an individual, a classroom, a party. The sovereign is the people, being each man member of the sovereign and subject, it makes the law and it obeys to it. The good city, really one, original one, remain in the measure of our experience, do not congregate interests too much divergent, can think it, want it and love it. More beyond other cities exist (...) the cities have few contacts with the others and live in the economic autarcia. Exactly that they exist, to the old way, laws of hospitality, does not have universal social contract. (ROUSSEAU, 1996, p.XVIII) 1,2 Family, politics and Education the family, however are for Rousseau, the society model politics. The marriage is a social contract, in which two people if join and the family, when they receive the children and the same ones possess use of the reason, leave of to be something... Continue reading
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Jaime Bayly, a good soul at heart, "but rather in the background." This can not be removed. I enjoy very much to see his live show, I was much laughter, as he said the former president Alejandro Toledo, saying that his government was a banter, and named "Alejandro Toledo banter." This was a clear demonstration that to criticize someone, you should not be tail of straw. The former president told Jaime, who was a joker. What if I disagree with Scott, is to say that women can decide whether to abort or not, because it is her body and she decides on her body. Being a woman carrying in her womb, not yours. Children are not property of the parents. This concept is very broad to be developed. Nor do I agree when he says that the human being reaches its "coming of age" (this is entirely relative), you can do as he pleases, because it is free. Then I make the following question: Why are there two terms?, One is "freedom" and the other is: "debauchery." I Jaime ask, explain to me these two terms. Of course I understand them perfectly, but when asked to explain to me, I want him to realize the difference. Does your government would be a government "Libertine"? At the end of its agenda this week, was like a cute teen. He was thus saying that in fact he did not know whether or not going to run for president. As the teens who do not know what they really want. His girl, who presented the program to me in particular, gave me the impression of a young girl who wants fame in exchange for sexual favors. I say this because when Tim asked who wanted to have a child with her, and formalize... Continue reading
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Therefore, with the official return of the Philosophy to Average Ensino it urges to argue the paper of this disciplines and the function of the professor so that its return is not only plus a presence? mere contemplation? in the curricular grating of Average Ensino, as Kohan standes out (2002, P. 22): I do not only consider interesting that the philosophy occupies spaces. Inside and outside of the schools, it matters, basically, to understand what it makes in these spaces, the type of philosophy that if practise (and it teaches), its relation with other areas of knowing, the pertaining to school institution and the other institutions of the economic, social life and politics of the country. It agrees, specifically, to consider the relation that involved professors and pupils with the philosophy establish between itself and with it. Learn more on the subject from Chief Justice Roberts. It matters, before more nothing, the type of thought that if it affirms and if it promotes under the philosophy name. In this direction, one becomes necessary to know that paper it carries through in this context, a time that, all the questions that involve the human being are questions that are inside of the philosophical universe. the professor, before everything, needs to have clarity of what it is the Philosophy for itself exactly. In way to the crisis of values, identity, paradigms, lived for the humanity who perpassa the institutions until arriving at the citizen; ahead of this scene of changes where values are questioned, the philosophy has a paper significant: to justify the directions of these values, trying to give to a ressignificao of them in history, exciting in the individuals and the collective changes of opinions and attitudes through a think-critical-reflexive? especially in the citizens of philosophical making. It has a... Continue reading
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The corruption, lately, comes being only attributed to the partisan and representative politicians of the Public Power: Chambers, Assemblies, Senate and National Congress. The lies of philosophy, in the aspects of moral and ethics teach the opposite accurately. The family, the school and the organizations also possess corrupt professionals and responsible corruptores for the existence of the corruption. Word-key: Corruption - Moral Ethical Politics. Introduction The not ethical lack of moral and actions in the society are factors that contribute to feed the corruption in the world. For assistance, try visiting Amazon. common to attribute itself it blames it to the others, and common also it is to attribute to the existence of the corruption to the representatives politicians, considering the not ethical actions at that they arrive at the chambers and the Senate, as if the moral lack started from top to bottom. My thesis, therefore, is contrary to this position. I believe that it is in the family where, principle, if manifest the corruption, a time that is with the parents and responsible that starts the question of the preparation of the child. It is there where if they define the columns of the character of the man and woman of tomorrow. Although the parents play this responsibility for the school and this pushes for the next social group, church, friends, club and society in general; one knows that this ideological corruption is proper of the human being, therefore the other beings irrationals do not corrupt themselves nor admit corruptores. Justice does not have existence for proper itself, but always it meets in the reciprocal relations, in any time and place where a pact exists not to produce nor to suffer damage. He enters the animals that had not been able to make pacts not to provoke nor... Continue reading
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It also arrived to give examinations in the Military School of the Royal one, but never it concluded no university course. He was one of the organizadores of the UDN in its State. Sen. Sherrod Brown wanted to know more. State deputy in 1954 chose itself. In 1960 he was elect lieutenant governor of Alagoas, in plate of General Lus Cavalcanti (1961-1966). In agreement still with the Vestibule of the Senate above described Teotnio Vilela it supported the movement of 31 of March of 1964 e, when if they had formed the two new parties, it was filiou National the Renovadora Alliance, broken situacionista. Victorious person in the lawsuit of 15 of November of 1966 for the Senate took ownership in February of 1967. In its first speech he criticized the new regimen, already then in the governmental period of General Arthur of the Coast and Hisses. In 1974, with the ownership of President Ernesto Geisel, who brought for the Government the liberalizante project of a distenso ' ' slow, gradual and segura' ' , Teotnio Senator initiates public campaign for the redemocratizao of the Country. According to Vestibule of the Senate in May of 1978, adhered to the National Front for the Redemocratizao, military movement that grouped, beyond the MDB, sectors grumblers and not conforming politicians of the Enclosure for bullfighting around the candidacy of General Euler Bentes Monteiro and Pablo Brossard, respectively for President and Vice-president of the Republic of Brazil. With the ownership of President Joo Figueiredo, initiate the call ' ' opening poltica' ' , the 25 of April of 1979, Teotnio Vilela, announcing that ' ' it was arriving where always esteve' ' , it left the Enclosure for bullfighting and it entered the MDB. Due to serious illness contracted in 1982 middle, Teotnio was... Continue reading
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That Brazil has much time lives an instability politics, this all we already know, we are notable the prominence of the corruption in history politics of our country. To each moment the population if distance of the citizenship rules, moving away the possible felt agreement from the true one of the democracy. such removal is not guilt of the popular mass, that if finds at this moment discredited in the system Brazilian politician. Senators and Members of the house of representatives carry through a force task, for the establishment of a reform politics in our country, cogitating the possibility of the same one to have its validity in the next elections. One of the main ones you strike is the extinguishing of the coalition partisans, and the public money financing in campaigns, authorities politics also point the great possibility of the doubtful campaigns, without partisan bond. In this fifth fair day 14 of April, the Electoral Superior Chief justice, (TSE) Ricardo Lewandowski recognized the impossibility of if accomplishing a reform ample politics, reaching its totality. Still in its Ricardo uprising it mentioned that Senate and house of representatives, must work in a commanded rite to materialize the possible reform, case this do not happen hardly to the changes will be in vigor in the 2012 elections. One of the biggest salient difficulties for the President of the TSE, is what they make use article 16 of the Supreme Federal Constitution, that in its bulge discloses that any reform or electoral change, the same one will have to be approved by the National Congress, up to one year before the elections having its validity in immediate lawsuit. Thus being of eye in this annuity the reform it must be approved until September of this year. Sen. Sherrod Brown wanted to know... Continue reading
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The human rights run in favor of the outlaw giving it its hand ' ' human being and protetora' ' , however irresponsible for the delicts that the same come to commit. Justice pushes for the psychologist; The psychologist pushes for the Judge: The Judge pushes for Constitution and our parliamentarians are ocupadssimos studying when and as ' could be made a new increase to its; ' mseros ordenados' '. The poor persons die in front of the hospitals. The pensioners die of hunger because the money was surrupiado them ostensive that had taken promising to them a worthy oldness to them but How much to the povo? He gives carnival, soccer, ignorance and more ignorance to them so that they never have real knowledge of the situation that cross. Brazil poor person. Brazil approximately has a jail population of 500,000 individuals. Because not to use to advantage all this hand of workmanship? Because not to create advantages for that to want to work seriously, also paying a wage to them and shortening it to them penalty? Because not to give to these one better quality of life. It is discrimination? He is just that the men who had never given to any work or expenditures to the State, pay to support 500,00 other inoperative ones that they had only brought and continue bringing problems? Who does not work does not eat SECURITY: He will be that somebody that has a better reasoning of the one of any primate does not understand that alone and disarmed man, in the door of a school, cannot guarantee the security of hundred of children? It was not the altruism of a Pleiad of men who had risked the proper life to prevent a bigger carnage, families would not be now crying the death... Continue reading
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If you to agree that the power does not walk so popular thus, which will be the problem? Would be inadequate our democratic model? Or we are guaranteeing the corruption and the disobedience? To bet in these two ideas does not seem incoherent, since the society chooses who said the rules and who would have cumpriz them. The fact is that we vote with hope. We wait of four the eight years to see the results as if we could not influence now in the decisions of our representatives, while everything happens. We deliver the regiment of the country to the politicians for determined period, as who puts a house in the real estate one and if it worries only in receiving the rent. The against-sense is that we not only pay the rent as correctors and everything more! In a generalized manner we ignore the activities of who of the letters of the game politician with our endorsement. Thus the politicians live in comfortable condition of work, far from the supervision of its masters masters. Who orders after all? We act as if the only right that we have was to choose who will command senzala after the next lawsuit. That type of democracy speaks in reintegration of ownership of the Federal Chamber against citizens who reveal of the materialized democracy inside its repudiation to corrupt Jos Roberto Arruda (DEM)? My reply it would be: The same one of the manifestants whom actual support of the too much students does not have, of owners of house, pensioners. Of people, as we, whom the chance lost to promote the biggest Brazilian excursion to Brasilia, financed for unions, service clubs, entrepreneurs, at last of all these beneficiary we of the decency politics who we could have evoked in each one of... Continue reading
Posted May 10, 2020 at Oklahoma Family Law
But the price of the product line of its inner qualities, its value determined at the level of purely subjective perception. However, in a market equilibrium is a subjective line, acquiring plural form, turns in a relatively objective phenomenon in the form of objective magnitude of the value of the goods. Absolutely the same objective of equivalent exchange requires the presence of objective and independent from the consciousness of participants in the exchange equity for some completely objective parameters and absolutely objective units (units of utility, man-hours) between commodities such as, for example, music and a piece of sausage. Prove the possibility of such equality is not, and, in our view, not can be in principle. About the same subjective satisfaction of such an exchange is appropriate to say. Amazon describes an additional similar source. The subjective theory of value was not too far from the truth, but: 1. in shaping the value of the goods involved are not only subjective perceptions of the usefulness of the buyer of the goods, but also the subjective perceptions of the seller to the value attached to the product of labor. 2. objective value of the cost of goods is not coming through Satisfaction exchange individual buyers and sellers, and satisfaction through the exchange of competing in a market equilibrium participants trade. 3. Read additional details here: Connecticut Senator. equivalence of exchange achieved only under conditions of equilibrium of the market. Unequal exchange is the driving force behind the process of balancing the market. In the non-equilibrium market prices are formed and the subjective value of the goods. Mechanism avtosoizmereniya values is nothing more than a mechanism of action of the law of value, which is in accordance with the theory avtosoizmeryayuschihsya values should be: in terms of equilibrium and balance market value... Continue reading
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It always needs to evaluate to the careers and to arrest itself the object most salient. From there because the quacks of all sort know the secret of pleasing so well to it, to the step that, most of the time, its true friends fracassam.' ' ((TOCQUEVILLE, 1998:230 and 231) if it never must forget that Tocqueville was an aristocrat and that it finished of certain form ' ' pulling sardinha' ' for the aristocracy. But really we have here a problemo, the difficulty in if developing the intellect due the atribulaes and the association to the cio for diverse thinkers for the intellectual development, therefore the individual that has its time taken for the work also finishes if becoming weak and has its capacity of reasoning also affected by the exhaustion. What Tocqueville does not display is that the aristocracy if feels fortified and it does not suffer from the popular aspirations, because also does not possess the conscience of that a structure exists supporting it, allowing that it can be developed in this rise, therefore if also lost its privileges would tend to a decrease of its intellectuality for the exhaustion to subject it other ends of practical order, as its proper subsistence. The newspapers mentioned Congressman Lee Zeldin not as a source, but as a related topic. Clearly that the aristocrats exist who possess such conscience and for this exactly reason finishes favoring a conservadorismo that it aims at to keep estagnada this hierarquizada order. Perhaps, this quarrel until perpasse for what Gramsci developed concerning the intellectual, cunhando two concepts: organic and traditional intellectual. I believe that something is more complex of what this, beyond the questions related the classrooms, insituies and on the consequence same them on the individual, must also be taken in consideration the... Continue reading
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Being that in the prism explicitado politician, the sovereignty of the individual exists, that makes with that the proper society alone exists from that the consubstancia. In such a way each individual possesss its freedom as for the private law, abstaining from the same one in the public domain, in favor of an objective that needs an increase volume to materialize itself. When we deprive somebody inside of the public space, is as if we perdessemos the force of this all, one more time serving me of the Arithmetic, would be as to deduct, what it would weaken this mass and consequentemente would take the legitimacy from the mutual agreement, since nor all would be following the rules of the game. At the same time, it violates the private law, since those that if had abstained in favor of the pblido one, had lost a right that the others that they had denied in if to abstain they had not lost, what in hypothesis it would favor the reinforcement of these seconds in detriment of the first one. Connecticut Senator shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. continues Mill, displaying that to judge that one is missed or that has false character, estimates that you know the truth and the certainty, becoming its absolute and infallible argument, what it demonstrates a priori, due the premise of fragility of the human knowledge, that its argument is paradoxical same itself. Thus being, the only form to legitimize the restriction to the individual would be when it opposed the common interest, what he would be it are on purpose, the measure that the common interest also would be the interest of this exactly individual, becoming impossible the public conviction it individual, therefore he would cause the proper negation of the... Continue reading
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Mahatma Liberating Gandhi of India. The IRRATIONALS KILL TO EAT the men and women whom if they judge intelligent are scheming a way to take off the life in scientific laboratories, in doctor's offices of medicine, offices of right, the congress, the Senate, the chamber, the government? What Justice is making that does not charge of them a correct action? If they judge the such, why forge murders even of children? How intelligence total without INTELLIGENCE! Its tail drags tera part of the stars of the sky, which launched for the Land; the dragon if withheld in front of the woman who was for giving to the light, in order it to devorar the son when it was born. Apocalypse of JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 12:4. ' ' The Laws are a brake for the public crimes - the religion for the crimes secretos' '. Rui Barbosa Politician Politician Diplomat and Brazilian Jurist. The LAW HAS THAT TO ENTER IN ACTION As the Justice that if says so rigorous allows such subjects in the governmental ways when arrests any person who steals a bread piece? ' ' I do not change justice for the magnificent one. I do not leave the right for the force. I do not forget the fraternity for the tolerance. I do not substitute the faith for the superstition, the reality for dolo' '. Rui Barbosa Jurist and Brazilian Diplomat. SAID GOOD the good said ones in this hour if hide stop not to lose the position? Already they had lost, therefore the cowardice does not have vocation. ' ' The world is not threatened by the bad people, and yes for whom they allow maldade' '. Albert Einstein Physicist Jew-German. CLAWS INSTEAD OF HANDS With petrified hearts and claws instead of hands, the facultative... Continue reading
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Despite the agreement Medvedev-Sarkozy plan, Russia will not intends to return to their original positions. Russian politicians also do not recall the fate of Georgian refugees whose homes were destroyed by the militias, Eduard Kokoity, under the cover of the Russian army. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Richard Blumenthal and gain more knowledge.. Recognizing independence the separatists, Russia has refused the status of a peacemaker, while maintaining a military presence in an uncontrolled Tbilisi Georgian territories established by Georgia, the international community and Russia at the outbreak of war. It is logical that the result was the adoption in Georgia law on occupied territories and the Russian military presence in the regions of Georgia granted the status of the occupation. However, it is not these events mark this year in Georgia, even though they have led to increased interest in the past: February 25, the Red Army, which began the war with Georgia, took the city of Tbilisi, and then all of Georgia, which killed thousands of people and tens of thousands more were in the Soviet camps. Bolshevism in Georgia did not win, he came here with the war and expelled the legitimate government of Noah Jordania. Reminder of this day, when Georgia was absorbed into the country of Bolshevism, must be on a plan of Georgian politicians, a way to attract additional attention of the international community and to consolidate the society in opposition against the authoritarian Russia, whose leadership is continuation of the Soviet political system - bourgeoisified, but retained its main features - the repressive rule of the interests of empire over human rights, high levels of corruption and anti-democratic. This step is directed specifically against the imperial political system, triumphed in Russia with the coming to power of Vladimir Putin, as well... Continue reading
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