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May the Soul of Oscar Agbor rest in peace. This a moral lesson to all of us. I hope people should learn to marry women who genuinely love them. Those who suddenly leave America and Europe for girls back home you donot know for marriage should think twice. Few girls will refuse such proposals from the so called 'Bushfallers'. Generalising all Bayangis will not do you any good, Nene. Maybe you should declare that men and women from your area are all Monogamous and ultra faithful in marriage and sexual relationships. Donot capitalise on the ill luck and misfortunes of others. My condolences to the Agbor's family. Let the Law take its course. You have to control your temperament and degree of jealousy. Sorry Edmund Eno, but you will have to sing the song.
My sincere sympathy to the bereaved family. May the soul of Leon rest in peace. Racism has got no place in today's world. Its is only in Russia where a president can describes Africans as CANNIBALS and go free. Yes Putin made this statement a few months ago. And has no regrets whatsoever. Rise up African governments and make your Countries habitable to its citizens.
A true picture of the Country. Thanks Prof. I hope you will be able to propose solutions to the failures you raised. Where is the voice of the people? My best wishes to Mr Asonglefac Nkemleke and his family where ever they may be. And to good old Zachary Nkoh. Its been a long time since i last heard your voices but it is equally very hard to forget the last time, some 20 years ago.Oh dear Cameroon, where art thou fathers. 'Truely the beautiful ones aren't yet born'(KA) Let us pray ....................... Amen.
New USA Paddy, When you touch down, donot forget to rent my brand new 10 years old latest model Toyota Camry.It will cost you only $10 a day (peanuts to you Americawanda).I can safely drive you to Molyko Buea, where many 'Small Things' have refused to go on Holidays to sit back and get you bushfallers well f**ked for your hard earned Dollars.Get some 'rubber'handy as well. If you have already shipped one of those petrol guzzling beasts from America, the Customs are waiting for you, Santa Claus. Take note, you may have petrol problems especially if you will be heading dowm to my lovely Mamfe, where there is no filling station.And donot yell, sh*t men, when your 4 X 4 get stuck on the Express Road. Even the Military vehicles in town, which you can hire for your private business depend on fuel from Nigeria. Welcome home and Viva Le Cameroun
Rexon, Do you mean if George Bush's daughter embezzle £1 Million and it comes to the open, she will walk free just because her dad is president and she is well connected? Tell me oooooo!!! Ms Mubang committed a couple of crimes in the US. Yes she succeeded to escape to her 'lovely'Bamenda and started trouble to claim her Old Man's property. As a fugitive she needed to stay low and pay for her protection. But you know this Americawanda palaver.Unfortunately for her, the U S of A can put her Cameroon under pressure at any time to get what it wants. Cameroon, though a Forsaken Country should not be a place for Criminals to run and hide after committing crimes abroad. She deserves to be in jail. As for Bongam and similar cases having doubtful financial dealings /records in Cameroon, it is up to the Cameroon Government to seek to extradite any such persons to stand trial for crimes they may have committed or to serve their sentences in jail if already found guilty. Whether the regime can have the muscle to do that is a different issue. With regards to Dual nationalities, you can always denaturalize and take up Cameroon Citizenship again(if the law permits)if you feel so passinate the country. I doubt how many of you can drop your British, American or French citizenship to Paysans. Merry Christmas to you all and a biologically stable new year 2006.
Deal Mr Mbonteh, You can see for yourself that your poem is giving negative publicity to the English Speaking Cameroonians who are in a crossroad in their history and development. Free speech goes with responsibility. Donot allow your writings to incite tribal hatred as it is now doing. "For in much wisdom is much vexation,and those who increase knowledge increase sorrow" (Ecclesiates 1:18) Please this is not the time for being negative. Donot allow your writings to haunt you or your family. It is a fact that some people are more gifted than others but once used to oppress or redicule the other it breeds tension. Emotions are high. Let peace reign. Thank you
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2005 on ‘The Bamenda Man’ at Up Station Mountain Club
Dear All, Merry Christmas to all of you on this forum who observe this day/event. I have read the contributions on this weblog for a while and think is time to join the party.We live in a crazy world where anything goes with the proper bottons,support, pressure and power.No idea is too abstract for man to comprehend and devise ways to act on. But mankind is essentially cunning and dubious. We pretend when real issues are are stake, allow emotion to control and cloud our thinking, thereby dodging the real issues and hide under conspiracy theories and big grammar. After reading various contributions for and against the Southern Cameroon issue which seems to attract more comments,I sometimes get lost. But one thing is clear : DIALOGUE. The ruling government should initiate dialogue. This is what any government worth its salt should do when things go 'pear shape'and part of its citizens or all go bonkers. No political dispensation is permanent. A Country can either divide or become stronger in unity if its people are happy and feel part of the system. If they feel alienated like the English Speaking Population are feeling at the moment, it spells doom if the ruling government doesnot act wisely to appease and pacify them. Donot allow a disenchanted people to be hijacked. Opppression breeds hardship and this leads to danger. Danger is a ticking time bomb that can explode at any time. MY PROPOSALS 1- Government should initiate dialogue with the disaffected English Speaking Cameroonians. 2- Donot underate the Level of anger and suffering of these people.Create jobs and oppurtunities for the under previleged 3-Curb the excesses of Gendarmes and the Police.Encourage rule of law and respect of humanrights. 4- The president, Paul Biya should attempt to address the nation in both French and English and be a team player. This is a beautiful and blessed Country that should not go down the route of Violence and Anarchy. This is Avoidale but inevitable if things donot change. These are my humble opinions. Even if they donot add up, please donot 'teargas me' I hope you will all welcome me onto the forum. Thanks to the POST NEWSPAPER for giving us this chance to voice our opinion, stupidity,inteliigence, creativity and also vent our anger and frustration. Cheers Folks. OKORANTIM UK