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Forreal I feel what Millz was trying to say and def agree just think he could've did it better. I think he should've just left it at some peeps I don't think should be in there, think Vado do. But he kind've set the tone that he's coming at them. And do I think he should've mentioned names? Altogether no, but the way he came u could say yes. Think he could've said it better and think it was good not to mention names cause then u don't want people to feel singled out. But peeps like J. Cole basically took it like I know he's not talking to me. So everybody cryin is the ones that are insecure. And for the record, I listened to J. Cole and think he's aight but a little overrated. He reminds me of a not so flashy Drake IMO. And also for the record like Millz said Jay Electronica could've been in there. And definitely Vado too. Vado nicer than anybody on that cover forreal. And he been on tracks with famous established rappers probably than anybody besides Jay Rock and Nipsy.
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Respect ur opinion but I disagree. I haven't heard of Pill or Donnis either. And u know I stay listening to alot of stuff and don't care to even turn on 106 and park at all. And stay listening to a rack of mixtapes too.
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Apr 7, 2010
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