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If things get really bad, Obama may send troops to help quell the riots.
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2009 on "All hangs in the balance" at Atlas Shrugs
Suggest a redraft of your letter. Dear BBC, The Conservative party has as its basic proposition the survival of the economy. The BNP has its basic proposition the biological survival of the people. Starting from the conservative proposition you can not derive the biological survival of the people as a theorem. Thus the two parties are not versions of the same thing. Their basic propositions are inconsistent. Please note this. Conservatives want the survival of the economy. BNP wants the survival of the biological people. As conservatives we define the biological survival of the people as racism and our goal is to prevent the biological survival of the people by immigration. Its a mathematical theorem of population genetics known as the Wright Island Model that immigration causes complete genetic replacement. That is our mission as the conservative party, we want the economy to survive and not the people. Only stupid people want people to survive. Sincerely yours The Smart Toffs of the Conservative Party headed to extinction as taught in population genetics textbooks worldwide.
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