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My thought exactly. Let's see---moving semi truck filled with diesel fuel striking a moving train. Sounds like a suicide run to me. In some ways, a bit more difficult then flying an airplane into a stationary building.
"He’s a coward and ... didn’t fight fair" is a statement that can be made about all the “heroic” Jihadists infesting our world. In a fair fight, he wouldn’t stand a chance due to his ineptitude and, as mentioned by the victim above, cowardice.
Hi j3, When Israel finally releases the dogs of war, I hope Mecca is target # 1 and Medina is # 2. I would gladly be willing to deal with the (literal) fallout in order to put a huge dent in the number of worship sites for the muslim savages. (Good point on the eventual destination of all muslims when they die). In a message dated 2/22/2011 10:26:09 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
My solution for the Somali piracy problem: 1. Using our B-52s, carpet bomb an arc around their port city and issue an ultimatum which directs that the ships and hostages must be released within 24 hours. 2. At the 24 hour point, if the hostages have not been released, again use the B-52s to carpet bomb the city. We may lose the hostages and the ships but the piracy problem will be eliminated. Serious problems require serious solutions.
jj, in the good old days, the local citizenry would have tarred and feathered this sucker and run him out on a rail. Alas, those days are past. I hope the locals make the rest of his miserable life a hell on earth, starting with his immediate expulsion from his position and followed up quickly with enough lawsuits to occupy the rest of his days. Thank you for your elucidation on this matter.
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JJ---Thank you for this cogent and thorough analysis of the current state of our military force. It is easy to fall into despair over the forced decline of our military assets. I am heartened by and agree with your analysis and concur with you on the importance of the next election. Keep up the excellent work!
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Is this some sort of honor killing? I am really confused by this one. How would the all knowing Mohammed would weigh in on this?
I attended the event yesterday. At about the time that Beck was speaking, about 1220 PM, I attempted to walk up the sidewalk on the right side of the reflecting pond. When I reached halfway to the Lincoln Memorial, I was unable to proceed any further due to the crush of the crowd. It was standing room only, and it was simply not possible to walk through the packed people. In the picture shown above, this circumstance would not have appeared due to the canopy of trees above. I attended the 9/12 rally last year and did not observe people packed this tightly. Shaprtons “counter rally” was a joke. When I walked past his assembly area at 1045 AM, there was no one, and I mean ZERO, people there, just a speaker system playing MLK’s speech from his rally. The only top of the hour radio coverage I heard regarding the events yesterday did give equal weight to both of the events, and I thought I heard a audio clip of Shaprton stating that Beck was hijacking MLK, and that MLK belonged to them (black people?). The left paints everything in this country in terms of race, rather then embracing a color blind society and equality of all people, as advocated by MLK in his speech. OT but related, all the tour busses ferrying the people to the rally were directed to the RFK stadium parking lots, where the attendees would enter DC via the Metro from the Stadium/Armory station. On my return to the station, I found all 4 of the escalators not operating. As I watched the many elderly people carrying their gear struggling up the long rise of steep stairs, I wondered why the escalators were not operating. The plan has been in place for weeks for the busses to park in the RFK parking lot. It really upset me to think that, maybe, this had been done on purpose, to physically punish the elderly and infirm attendees of the event. Do I think the left is that petty and cruel? Absolutely! Thank you, Pamela, for highlighting this today.
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Mayor Bloomberg appears to be the #1 infidel supporter of the Mega Mosque (President Obama doesn’t count---you know the reason). As such, as a token of outreach to the Muslim world, I propose the Mega Mosque to be renamed in honor of the mayor---The Bloomberg Mosque. His synagogue would be so proud.
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2010 on Bloomberg's Hypocrisy or Dhimmitude? at Atlas Shrugs
JJ—I see the Christian world has two choices with respect to islam-submit via the tax or conversion or fight. I think it is time for the Christian church to gear up for the fight, the fight for its existential existence. This will necessarily need to include education about islam and its threat to Christianity. I think the church also need to bring back some of the more martial hymns from the churches past. Here’s a good one--- Onward, Christian Soldiers: 1. Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before. Christ, the royal Master, leads against the foe; forward into battle see his banners go! Refrain: Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before. 2. At the sign of triumph Satan's host doth flee; on then, Christian soldiers, on to victory! Hell's foundations quiver at the shout of praise; brothers, lift your voices, loud your anthems raise. (Refrain) I admire your participation is the myriad squrmishes you choose to enter.
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Only an Islamic fool would consider such dreck poetry. I wish the powers that be would take her to the Tower of London and fulfill her wish for a martyrs death by sawing her head off with a rusty can opener (and disposing of the leftovers at a local pig sty).
The proper US response should be to deny the bomber was him and feed whatever bits and pieces of him which can be scraped up to some local pigs. Then let out the counter rumor that it was really him, but his bits and pieces were still fed to pigs. Propaganda case closed.
John: by your picture as posted earlier, it appears you have fully recovered from your run in with a scalpel earlier this year. Even today I cringe a bit remembering your magnificent description of going under the knife. I want you to know I really appreciate the treatises you have written throughout the year. They have given me much to think about. Also, thank you for all the work you have done regarding Rifqa—G_d will surely bless you for what you have done. I hope you have a memorable Christmas season and an even better new year!
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I would suggest, with a view to koranic law, that his throat be cut out for his consumption of alcohol, and, for having sex with a woman not his wife, well, you get my drift. Maybe his mosque can line up a pious imam to administer his punishment.
One positive note in all this: When the bloated, stinking mess of the federal government finally collapses of it’s own weight, these “public servants” will find themselves with no job AND no pension. I suspect, however, we will be suffering, along with them, our existence in a new dark age.
This series of photographs IS devastating. islam is not only the religion of pieces, it seems also the religion of melted faces. In my opinion, islam it the ultimate perverted and brutal mens club---do whatever you want to whom or what ever you want with no consequence, with a hope of more of the same when you die. Totally sick.
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2009 on Personal sharia at Atlas Shrugs
I remember about a month ago, the announcement that there are SO MANY cases of swine flu that screening specifically for swine flu will no longer be conducted. The result of this is that all cases of flu will be considered to be the swine flu, upping the numbers, which could stampede the people to demand the government DO SOMETHING!!! And that something???---mass quarantines and Marshall Law. Time will tell. I recommend everyone stay extremely watchful and, as they said in the 60’s, question authority.
Under the rubric of free speech, perhaps a bit of artistic flair could be brought to the “flag”—the joker treatment, for example, or any number of other embellishments. Sure would look great waved at future tea party events!
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2009 on Not a photoshop! at Atlas Shrugs
Are these people praying to the US Capitol building or is Mecca in the same general direction? I would like this Imam Malik to explain how Democracy and islam are compatable and able to coexist in the same country.
JJ, I attended the rally yesterday. It was wonderful to be surrounded by so many people who are just like me! I stood about 75 yards, directly in front of the speakers podium to watch the proceedings. The small group I was with speculated what it would be like if all 1.5 million of us at the rally rushed the Capitol Building and had a little sit in, just like the good old 60’s universities. It would be hard for our elected officials to perform their nefarious deeds if they were forced to a different venue until they sorted out this citizens protest. It was a great experience and I hope that this is going to be the springboard to thinning the Congressional herd in the next election cycle.
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JJ, here is a link re frank marshall davis’ pornographic novel from Atlas Shruggs: This guy is (was?) really a piece of work.
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JJ-Great analysis of our military capabilities--pretty devastating against the odd citizen. I don't think Obama will have enough time or the juice to form up a comparable brown shirt private army. (Are those numbers correct for our current Army personnel?) Regards,
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This report confuses me on a couple of levels: 1) What possible crime could these girls have committed which would warrant the death penalty? This country cannot put to death even the most heinous of criminals. How can Islam sanction the execution of adolescent girls? 2) The policy is to deflower these girls before their execution. Where do the 72 Virgins guaranteed to muslim “martyrs” come from? It seems to me they are choking off the supply of said Virgins. Perhaps a pious and learned Imam can weigh in on the above. It seems to me that the “religion” of Islam has not been very well thought out by cretins who set its policy.
I think President Obama’s limp wrested response to the Iranian Democracy movement necessitates a new title for his exalted position: “Pussy in Chief”. The man is a total disgrace. America is no longer the beacon of democracy and freedom to the rest of the world—we are now on par with the equivocating and mush mouthed rest of western civilization nations. How far we have fallen is such a breathtakingly short period of time. Thanks a lot, Pussy is Chief!
john, I am happy to hear your lifesaving operation was successful. Heal soon, my friend, as I think you will be needed on the front lines when the feces striking the whirling blades spread from Iran.
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