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Sorry, but I had personal dealings with Salonen in LA, & he did some really terrible things most especially to a friend of mine. It's a very long story, but the gist of it is that this person attempted suicide because of a really monstrous thing that Salonen did to them. I visited this person in the hosp. so I know what I'm talking about. They survived-barely-no thanks to Salonen who couldn't have cared less. He made it clear he wouldn't have cared if this person HAD died. So, you see, I have good reason to detest him. By the way, my friend moved out of CA because of what happened.
Having seen "Tristan" in LA, I tend to agree with your review (minus the freezing hall) which is much more objective than any I've read in the "LA Times." The classical music critic for the "Times" is not only a twit, but also a relentless cheerleader for area musical org, but most especially Salonen. The twit has been with the "Times" since 1996, &, in all those yrs, he's never given Salonen anything less than a rave. No wonder the midget maestro became such an insufferably, conceited egomaniac while he was in LA. Then, again, maybe he was always that way.
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Sep 26, 2010