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Ole Ship
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A Bio, from both history and artists, that relates only my drifting thoughts; from Tintagel & the isle of Apples, to the architechture of what's a pragmatically poetic weathered framework of "design" or "designed"; though in all, to me, there is no question; hear to here, to till or to mill, like a "parable of water poured in the sand to the task" that is what is important to the lead and to post that as lede; in this, a discovery within the reasoning to sew the element of love, so this "One-line Bio" is of me; so to be in "Thy Will be done", being me in this, sewn!
Interests: i decided i needed something more than a surf board;so i called it the ole_ship. while the space in the title is called an underscore, i really just dont read it that way. maybe thats just me. this is my read., see bio about this space: surfing the internet. Keyphrase added "" to help note resourcefulness.
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From west side story openingThe lunar eclipse in Aries takes place early in the morning on October 8th. This is one to watch. I say that because Venus is involved, as is Uranus and Pluto. It’s love and art and sex and anger, with a deep root. It’s rage that is real and may be subconscious. It’s love to the same degree. I’m talking about love, you can’t get rid of because it’s in the blood. Have you seen, “West Side Story”? It’s a perfect example of the energy described here. You just can’t stop yourself from reacting on a visceral level. It’s your primal instinct, activated. If you’ve not seen West Side Story, do yourself a favor and watch this seething, gorgeous art. It’s not all bad. This is a good day to deeply connect with others, particularly in pairs / partnership. I’m looking forward to it myself and I’ll tell you why. It’s because I’d rather be deeply stirred then tickled. Continue reading
Posted Oct 4, 2014 at Ole Ship's blog
Twas the night before the 10th Day Of Christmas. Twi;s a Snowman the alagory or metaphore within. THESAURUS, Kraft Macaroni And Chees'n. Edible. Eatable too! OKAY, The Reason for the Cheese’n SEE A BLOG I CLICKED TO FOLLOW COMMENTS, AND AUTHOR TOO awhile back. Thats where I found this post... Continue reading
Posted Dec 15, 2013 at Ole Ship's blog
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Oct 15, 2013
Something told me there was a future in James Cameron's new explorations and deep sea missions. Exploration and discovery journeys are sometimes pesonal ventures without world reknouned attributes. wondered what this post was about. Had I made a draft if a subject by title and then published it as some... Continue reading
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Then the poet said, what is so rare as a day in june? There is a Peanuts version somewhat with that quote. There is a tune a little softer than dew. I just gathered that as I wrote; it came to me just then, not to pose as a question and just to the gathered harmony of poetic and include as much content to topics as it seems to me that there is a little more in play; timing, rhythems, though rhyme is more to a "could be". A greater circle or gear has changed; some pattern of completion, completed , as I feel I just pulled some 360 degree motion like a panaromic view. I could only describe a small portion of the details. The wonder of some things bigger.. The smallness of things below; easy to say with a view from above... How there is more than one way to get there.. ..and how the place can be a different .. ..because of the likeness to the way.. ..and how it can be the same place, from so many different ways. The rest of a sequence "my comment styled" to adapt the view to imagine the reallity To comeback at a better time; that would be not likely, yet to try, and to try again, we practice something to a nother peak: So this would be "to a nother's", or "to an other's" . This was how it was so today: What do you say? The harmony of this all ... .. To say it first , and, To say it TOGETHER ! That's what they say about good insight. a 2nd person type blog whatthebleepdoWEEknow the same to describe on my post of comment today on Sasstrology The earlier place of comment- Staying In A Relationship Past Its Expiration Date -- and Kishner's cosmic ramblings.", onto his Seduction ... back to here, as time permits... and SO as far feelling like i have traveld the complete 360 since discovering, only to be in the middle or off to the side of anything relativity scientifically or in mind.
The Birth of a Planet. Earth and the stories that relate The Pleiades. via Notes: 233 words All words: The Birth of a Planet. Earth and the stories that relate The Pleiades. A New Planet Birth Video Relates in the news today. So I searched Showing results for endeavor... Continue reading
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The History and Purpose of Getting Trackbacks. via Continue reading
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The Birth of a Planet. Earth and the stories that relate The Pleiades. A New Planet Birth Video Relates in the news today. So I searched Showing results for endeavor to persevere I focused next on these keywords: pleiades 7 sisters bible cherokee maya strings hair In the SOURCE ARTICLE... Continue reading
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UPDATED MASTER.COM SEARCH SITE Search Results for keywords: "good morning, Holy Spirit" Products - *4 result(s) Good Morning Holy Spirit Devotional: Living Each Day in His Lovely Presence Devotional by Benny Hinn Good Morning Holy Spirit Devotional: Living Each Day in His Lovely Presence Devotional by Benny Continue reading
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"... If a Leo Sun ceases to believe in themselves, or tries to take the easy way, then everything starts to go wrong. ..." I thought that this line should preseed all the gathered notes on very different streams, and the cohesive and cohesiveness in likeness more so than to... Continue reading
Posted Jul 12, 2012 at Ole Ship's blog
iRONY Of May At June 1 post in june (thismorning) I couldn't find the comics online 1 post from may I found on the internet is a favorited website: "Ogre at the Refugio. I jettisoned the rest of my belongings at the hacienda in Lloa. Then the poet said,... Continue reading
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In 1981, did the American Cancer Society drop the ball on a bonafide cancer CURE? Independent research shows pain vanishes within 12-36 hours...tumors dry up within weeks...the potential to save millions of lives every year So where were the ticker tape parades...the triumphant headlines... the shiny Nobel Prizes!? It is... Continue reading
Posted Mar 1, 2012 at Ole Ship's blog
Trade your stroke for a heart attack Researchers leave out critical data Who your doctor's really working for It wasn't the FAT that did Paula Deen in... The REAL risks of weight-loss surgery Tap water raises this risk by 500% Employers impose penalties on 'unhealthy' workers Can vitamin D really... Continue reading
Posted Feb 19, 2012 at Ole Ship's blog
DASHBOARD Continue reading
Posted Oct 28, 2011 at Ole Ship's blog
Posted Oct 28, 2011 at Ole Ship's blog
DREAM INSTALATION "Abstracts" in some formal writings are defining perpectives that usually preseed "introductions" . Exploring abstracts and dreams mentioned in past posts with some intent to gather applicable reasoning for topics at a later date. One i.e. abstract found linked to an old post from an August 2007 now... Continue reading
Posted Aug 27, 2011 at Ole Ship's blog
PREP, BEFORE; AND AFTER, POST CONTEXT TO THIS BLOG PAGE{13 MINUTES AGO}: Jul 28, 2011 at 08:58 PM Before today in historyToday, just a comment{no comment} July 27 Jul 27, 1974: House begins impeachment of Nixon Jul 29, 1958: NASA created While the days progressed in history,... Continue reading
Posted Jul 28, 2011 at Ole Ship's blog
Linking to the posts and/or comments just to know we're on the same page is important too, and helps to understand; not that its difficult, just that maybe, it may be, if it doesn't exist it doesn't exactly disagree; so little subtlely, so many; agree?
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In the circle of "We start where we are ourselves and branch out inclusively from there; it's not advocacy on public policy."";no, as you say, or as I see this explained here, it is not; given that it is not grandstanding either, nore reckless, or intrucive, nore comprimising the inner sanctitty or personal conceptions to personal sacredness either, I choose to watch this, in essense, sitting this game out to simply observe. From the quiet place and centered placement of my own imagination, in the stands, or bleachers, or the sidelines. Others , as they may be of some frequent readers of your past posts, having not seen this post yet, they may return and find it from a connection from a past thread, to what is then to come, rom their current stream; daydreaming, maybe, but just at some comfort to what there doing on their own. PS Ever notice all the symbols that are spaced around the fringes of the rodeo, or maybe not so specfic to a rodeo any more than any one horse show is to another; with what seems to be just decoration is the use of many (for a lack of knowing the right word/s) glyphs or symbols like brands and Native American, in the type of appeal; maybe just common knowledge to lifestyles of the southwest and other ranch related. I say it that way first, in my rather scattered way, because to say a view from an audiance of the three rings or so, the sound of that may contrast what the elliment of harmony is is in threaded in the post; I will call it more directly by the nature of the game, "cultural affair". PPS That means I'm with yuh; joining in only here, yet ike those off the market, some appreciation to participation is not just the impulse or of tradition, conservatively shared prior to the elder's approval; OR THE OTHER HALFS PERMISSION.. ...THAT MAKES THIS A PSS TO THE ALREADY POST-POSTSCRIPT; not to question is this more to the eessences of love and experiences from many places and times; that is because it is here. As you say: This engages people to people. The game is meant to be something you can personally participate in. I googled much before I understood it. A pemrise to "The Wheel of Time - The premise" A Wisdom Archive on The Wheel of Time - References and Similarities A Joseph Campbells companion, I didn't go there. Nevada's Cowboy Country Catleogue 2007 dreams I did stumble in thought and on purpose, on the thought of "The act of obtaining usable substances from unusable sources", that unusable may be by choice and best left to itself; as well as the typical help that arives that is unwanted, as much as doesn't by design. "recovery starts with" the things working that are right, not just alright. A "recovery" "so i ask"...Isadora:
RETISENT! A look at a book; titled- The Academy and literature, Volume 57, a long portion I paste here noting for the sake of the keyword search I had made for past useages of my own with the words "sense" and "nonsense" : (read as linked on page 112) Continue reading
Posted Jul 9, 2011 at Ole Ship's blog
Horses brought me back here from a future post, possibly in edit. So to the participation to the question asked, "So ask yourself: In what part of your life do you have more abundance than most people?"; So then, other past posts that date back I relate here first, before in answering: April 30, 2011 April 20, 2011 April 4, 2011 And older posts like these two: "What's Your Dream?" Jan 02, 2007 "What Are You Optimistic About?" Jan 02, 2007 Maybe my answer would be abundant, like a parable of salt, if I could creat one to relate "we are the salt of the Earth". And then to add the stream of today from my own: Saturday, May 28, 2011 Titled- CREWING ECONOMIC HORSE OPINION Business News Fact, Fiction, and Fabrication Horses are going to be in a stretch "Oar Something" : Wednesday, May 25, 2011 CREWING WINGED HORSE THOR, Marvel's film, marvels of relationships.
Parking News Mystery Virginia;_ylu=X3oDMTQ0OWk0Z3ZqBGEDMTEwNTEzIG5ld3MgbXlzdGVyeSBib29tIHQEY3BvcwMxBGcDaWQtOTE1MDcEaW50bAN1cwRpdGMDMARtcG9zAzEEcGtndAM0BHBrZ3YDMjAEcG9zAzEEc2VjA3RkLWZlYXQEc2xrA2ltYWdlBHRlc3QDNzAxBHdvZQMxMjc5NDQwMA--/SIG=13616bbup/EXP=1305482775/**http%3A//
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A Brotherhood Of Realism And Romance - A Pre-Raphaelite Art Trail | Culture24. What is the greatest commandment What is "meaning of the greatest command" Continue reading
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Noah, and Noah's Raven, and the Raven, and the Ark, and The Black Pearl, a 4th in that series .... "A Descent Into The Maelström" Man vs. Nature, Adventure Story Three fisherman are at sea, off the coast of Norway. They encounter a hurricane and must fight for... Continue reading
Posted May 14, 2011 at Ole Ship's blog